Various Musings on Israel

April 18, 2006 at 1:42 am (Uncategorized)

There are many who say that Jews control the Government of The United States. (Some, who are in need of medication, call the Government of The United States the “Zionist Occupation Government,” abbreviated as “ZOG,” because evidently The Government is under occupation by Zionists. If by Zionist one means “he/she who supports the continued existence of the State of Israel,” then America is by and large Zionist. But their definition of Zionist is quite different. One must avoid such people.) Such an argument is completely ridiculous. If this were true, Israel would feel no need to involve itself in diplomacy and public relations with The United States (as all states do).

However, We are very grateful for the power and influence of the lobby of those who support Israel.

One may say that this lobby is Zionist but it certainly is not confined to Jews. Various Christian organizations are actively supportive of Israel; they are Christian Zionists. This strong lobby means that The Government is directed into courses of action that are supportive of Israel, unlike The United Nations, which seems to utterly disregard Israel’s plights and the Arabs’ insidious terrorism.

Frankly, Israel matters. We do not know exactly why We feel so strongly in favor of Israel (indeed, at times We feel that Israel can, literally, do no wrong), but We feel it may have to do with a similarity of values: Western liberal democratic values. Plus, a simple comparison of Israel’s propaganda and Palestinian propaganda demonstrate the humanity of the former and the horrid violence and inhumanity of the latter.

We also feel sorry for the Jews. We have recently been reading about The Holocaust. An article on the Wansee Conference prompted Our interest. It appalls Us that the leaders of a government can so calmly and rationally discuss the mass extermination and genocide of Jews. Indeed, the Conference was held precisely because various government officials believe that the said extermination and genocide was not happening fast or effectively enough. Such a scenario was not only possible, it actually occurred. Surely not even fiction could come so close to pure evil. We thank God that the evil, vile, and despicable regime of the NSDAP was wiped out.

The Holocaust was different from other massacres. This was a systematic, planned out, rationally-driven, and horribly effective effort to completely exterminate an entire people. Other efforts always relied on random pogroms and massacres: nothing organized or planned out. But in The Holocaust, the very resources of the state were put into organized use to accomplish the dreadful goal. Ever since, the very phrase “final solution” (from the German phrase “Endlösung der Judenfrage,” meaning, “the Final Solution of the Jewish Question“) has rigthfully rung with dread, horror, and revulsion in the ears of all good people.

And yet…and yet…such virulent anti-Semitism still exists. What difference is there between German anti-Semites calling for the mass extermination and genocide of Jews, on one hand, and on the other hand Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims calling for the Jews to be driven into the Sea? Whether by fire or water, the end goal is the same. The fact that such vileness is common and accepted amongst Arabs and Muslims fills Us with inexpressable disgust.

In the emotionally-driven issue of Israel versus the Arab World, We have lost all sympathy for the Arab cause, whether it concerns Palestinians or the usurpation of Arab or Muslim lands. No people who act in such a horrible manner deserve the world’s unconditional sympathy, as they have received until now. From their words it seems that the entire world has been duped by Israel and/or Zionists into opposing and persecuting Palestinians. From the facts, one can see that the world supports the Palestinians perhaps too much and does not support Israel enough.

It amazes Us how Israel has remained strong and confident despite all what the state and its people have had to go through. We are sure the constant reinforcement of Jewish survival – “they came after us, they lost, we survived, let’s eat” – helps in making this confidence and strength inherent among them. Pharaoh, Haman, Hitler, Yaaseen – they are all the same.

Yet, as a state among other states, such a situation ought not be. It is utterly unjustifiable. It goes against the very principles of the international state system. No state’s existence is up fro debate, yet it seems that, as in all other areas, Israel is an exception. We stand strongly in support of Israel against misguided and false propaganda against it. We condemn in the strongest words the evil and insidious machinations of Arab terrorism. And We call the attention of all people to the fact that it is painfully obvious how the Arabs do not want peace, how they constantly lie, and how they continue to engage in unjustifable campaigns of terror against Israel and The United States. We, finally, give Our thanks to Israel-supporting Americans of all types for their constant support for beleaguered Israel.

inna naHnu-l-a’lam.


  1. black_flag said,

    Well written Muslihuun. I was looking over some Holocaust history recently after running across an image of Jewish children being executed, open pit mass grave style, by the SS in Poland. The fact that such an event could have happened is staggering to the mind. The entire might of the German Vermacht was dedicated to the slaughter.

    Between 1939 and 1945 six million Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and other “undesireables” were systematically eliminated.

    1.5 million of the murdered were children.

    Two thirds of the Jewish population of Europe was killed.

    It staggers the mind as to how so many people could be involved in the killing of so many helpless others without remorse.

    Could it happen again? Damn right it could. America is an ally of Israel and the influence the US wields, to the frustration of many, is one of the things that prolongs the existance of the Israeli State.

    Left unchecked there is no doubt that hostile Nations in the Gulf would certainly attempt to overrun Israel if possible. That conflict is coming ot a head and there will be a regional War when that happens.

    So be it I say.

    I’ll leave you with this link and ask, what would you do if you had the chance to save him?

  2. black_flag said,

    sorry, here’s the link:

  3. Vinnie said,

    It’s even more staggering, BF, your numbers are way off.

    11 million were killed in the camps between 1939 and 1945. Roughly 6 million Jews, 5 million eastern Europeans, gypsies, et. al.

    And that was just the Western front. The Japanese wreaked havoc on a similar scale against the Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and other SE Asians during the same time.

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