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All items are copyrighted to/by their respective authors. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited: authorization must be sought by the item’s author.

Any comments in comments’ sections or quoted by the author in no way imply or ought to imply endorsement or acceptance thereof unless otherwise specified. Comments submitted are approved and kept as is.

All items by this blog’s author, Muslihoon, may be reproduced in whole or in part provided proper attribution is given, ideally providing the author’s online identity (“Muslihoon”) and a link or URL to the blog or to where the item being reproduced was found.

All communication sent to the author may be posted in whole or in part in other communication or on the blog unless otherwise indicated. Similarly, all communication by/from the author may be posted or publicly divulged in whole or in part unless otherwise indicated or stated.

The author assumes no responsibility for any consequence of what has been written. The credit and/or blame remains entirely with the one to whom such consequence has arrived. So pat yourself on the back.

The author would like to express his thanks to all his readers and commenters; suggestions, complaints, corrections, lectures, and other such communication are more than welcome by the author on the blog or by e-mail.

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