Muslims – No Authority To Whine Or Accuse

October 14, 2004 at 11:20 pm (From old blog, History, Islam, Islamism, The West)

The Muslim world (hereinafter “the Ummah”) is quite fond of whining and complaining. For decades now, the Ummah has been whining incessantly (and quite stupidly) of the West imposing itself upon and perpetrating inhuman injustices upon the Ummah. They accuse Israel with such stinging words that one must either doubt the existence of their heart or of their mind. Such strong words, such emotion, such vehemence – it does not make sense. But here is where one will fall: there is no sense or reason or civility with, in, or by the Ummah. Holding itself inviolate, it flings accusations and engages in conspiratisism at will and whim.

The Ummah fell as a world power when it, full of arrogance, ignored the West. Europe emerged from the Dark Ages and began developing like never before, with a speed and with such momentum as never before was seen in the history of humanity. If the Ummah swallowed their pride and kept a watch on Europe and adopted their changes, perhaps they could have stood against them once Europe began flowing over her banks. But instead, the Ummah ignored the ignorant and uncivilized Europeans, and so the Ummah began to become more and more obsolete and outdated. Once Europe reached the bounds of the Ummah, it easily overpowered it.

This fall was and is difficult for Muslims to accept. According to their mindset, God promised them success, victory, and survival, for He was their God and they His people. If God permitted them to lose, surely something must be amiss. Muslims blamed Europe’s ascendancy on Muslim impiety, God’s punishment for the Ummah, and other such reasons. But the Ummah never then considered that perhaps, God aside, the Europeans were simply more technologically advanced. And when key Muslims realized this, it was too late.

The fall of the Ummah has been complete. Not one Muslim nation, state, or entity can assert its sovereign will and survive. All are subject to the control and bounds of the West, upon whom they depend. They hate the West and love the West both for the same reasons, mainly the West’s advancement and resources and abilities. Jealousy runs through their veins, even though they may not admit or realize it.

The Ummah, even today, cannot accept that their fall was their fault. They commonly blame it upon Western conspiracies. Most Muslims truly see America and/or Israel as bent on destroying Islam, depriving it of its power and vitality, and bringing about the extinction of Islam and Muslims. The Crusades and current Western heavy-handedness with the Ummah is proof in their mind for this.

But they are mislead in their minds. There is no such conspiracy. The fault for their problems lies with them exclusively. Even if the West desired to bring Islam to the top, it would not be able to do so: the problem lies entirely with and in the Ummah. But the Ummah is blind to this.

Simply look at the history of international conflict in the Muslim world. Infidels went in to salvage Somalia. Infidels went in to protect and save the Bosnians. Infidels went in to liberate Iraq. Not one Muslim country flexed a muscle to both to save their own coreligionists. They vented much hot air in defense of their brethren, but not one action was taken. The Christian armies of the West, however, had little use of empty words: they put their intentions into action, and thereby saved the Muslims who were under threat. And yet at the same time, the West is condemned for their intervention. Such stupidity We can find no where else.

On top of this, while making a large and senseless lament of supposed Western oppression, their own rulers are despotic, blood-thirsty tyrants. How could Muslims possibly find it in their conscience to speak out on social justice, justice, humanity, civility, and righteouess when their own were inflicting such horrors upon their people? The tyrants of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, and paramilitary forces – all these have stained the tongues of Muslims worldwide.

So, what is the result of this? What is the meaning of this? What comes out of all of this? Simply that Muslims today have no authority to whine or accuse while their own affairs remain so shoddy. This means that the West must realize and accept the fact that the Ummah is impotent, and that the Ummah must be saved from itself. It must also realize that the Ummah is ignorant regarding surviving in the modern world and, thus, must be forced to change accordingly. The West must use a firm tone and an iron fist when dealing with the Ummah, until the Ummah begins to look inward, cleanse itself of its wickedness inside, and then adapt and reform to suite the world as it is today.

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