Falafel stand of mass destruction?

April 17, 2006 at 11:08 am (Uncategorized)

After some time of relative calm, during which the only thing Palestinians were doing against Israel was trying to shell them with Kassam rockets – child’s play, really -, the Palestinian terrorists have struck and they have struck hard.

We understand if Palestinians attack kibbutzim. They represent Jewish tenacity and, in the Palestinian mind, usurpation. Despite all of the Palestinians’ antics, kibbutzniks stay. They don’t move.

What We cannot understand is when Palestinians attack fast-food restaurants. We remember clearly the waves of shock, horror, revulsion, disgust, and absolute abhorrence that washed over Us when Palestinian terrorists attacked Sbarro’s.

The Israeli Defense Forces (hereinafter “the IDF”) select their targets based on their involvement in militant and terrorist activity. Recently, a lot of the IDF’s activity has been in deterring and dismantling the firing of Kassam rockets, particularly from the recently-evacuated Gaza Strip. What many feared, that withdrawing from the Gaza Strip would turn it into a hotbed of anti-Israeli activity, seems to have come true. Nobody can justifably accuse the IDF of deliberately targetting civilians or others not associated with militancy and/or terrorism. Such accusations are, indeed, common, but they cannot be justified or proven. The fact that Palestinian militants and terrorists operate from and in the midst of civilians brings upon the Palestinians’ head the blood of any who may die as collateral damage. The IDF does not want for there to be collateral damage, but due to Palestinian tactics this is inevitable.

However, the lamentable and unfortunate death of civilians as collateral damage as they are within the vicinity of Palestinian militants and terrorists is in no way whatsoever comparable to Palestinian militants and terrorists going into an obviously civilian area, with no involvement whatsoever with the IDF, and attacking the civilians thereof. There can be no justification for this whatsoever.

Today, Islamic Jihad sent a suicide terrorist to Falafel Rosh Ha’ir (Mayor’s Falafel), which was targetted before. (More information may be found in this article by Jerusalem Post.)

We utterly condemn this attack and all people, organizations, and states behind it. We also condemn the Hamas government for justifying this attack. We also demand that the international community condemn the Palestinian terrorists for this and demand them to reform before demanding and/or condemning Israel.

Update: We should explain Our title. We find it reprehensible that Palestinians would find a falafel stand to be a suitable target for an attack, as if it were a weapon of mass destruction or otherwise involved in Israel’s supposed “occupation” or “oppression” of the Palestinians.

inna naHnu-l-a’lam.

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