This blog is dedicated, in part, to a variety of people and types of people. In no particular order, they are:

1. To Oriana Fallaci (June 29, 1929 to September 15, 2006), the Lioness of Europe, and a prophet (that is, inspired warner) whom we all ought to listen to and heed. She has risked her life and bore many inconveniences to make known what we should have been able to see on our own. May she live eternally by our constant attention to her words and by taking action accordingly to preserve The West before it is too late.

2. To others who risk their lives to inform and support The West, such as Isaac Schrödinger.

3. To degree-less experts, such as WickedPinto, who can educate and inform us better than many with multiple professional degrees – using common sense and experience as their qualifications.

4. To people who are experts of the written word, such as Jeff Goldstein of protein wisdom, Deogolwulf of The Joy of Curmudgeonry, and Prodicus.

5. To experts who tell us the truth, such as Dr. Daniel Pipes, Dr. David Cook, Robert Spencer, and Hugh Fitzgerald.

6. To all of the commenters here.

7. To all of my readers.

There are so many more who have inspired me. This list will grow.

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