Of South Asian descent, American citizen by birth, and a college graduate, I study religions and languages as a hobby. I tend to be opinionated but am very open to correction, hearing other perspectives, and discussion. This blog is to share with the world my pompous pontifications.

I can be reached at muslihoon at gmail d0t c0m.


  1. Gunga said,

    Pretty cool getting a call-out from Frank J.

    Congratulations on accepting Jesus Christ as your saviour! It’s great that you did it while still young. I’m carrying a life’s worth of memories that I wish I didn’t have left over from the person I was.

    Also, I seem to develop dyslexia when I read your blog-name…my brain turns it into “Mushiloon” which makes you sound like a squishy crazy-person. But I haved enjoyed your comment posts on IMAO.

  2. Mike Schau said,

    Very good blog here! I am learning from it.

  3. nbpundit said,

    Discovered your site while browsing around
    the innernut reading up on the ‘news’.
    Good job.

  4. LDS Patriot said,

    It seems we have much the same interest.

  5. Jeff Davis said,

    Congrats on leaveing Islam. I’m a Christian, but too be honest, if you started believing in belly lint, I’d be just as happy for you. Just having the courage to leave Islam (for obvious reasons ) is heroic. Best of wishes.

    Jeff Davis

  6. Fernando Martinez said,

    This is a great site. I like the title and the format is very enigmatic and mysterious in a way. You don’t know if your reading from an islamist site or a middle eastern newspaper. I hope to learn all I can from you, you are a brilliant instructor.
    Brilliant work all-around, your hard work is paying off, this is something I was looking for.

  7. snarayanan said,

    please explain ‘muslihoon’ – is it an arabic word derivation?

  8. Fernando Martinez said,

    Hey, you should consider copyrighting “Muslihoon”. You could make T-shirts and other items pens, pad’s. Sounds a little cheesy? Maybe but you could make some extra money and invest it in your blog. I’d buy one, Muslihoon in arabic black letters on a white t-shirt and black ring on the collar and sleeves. Please don’t laugh.

  9. Ghayr Muslihoon said,

    What about Palestinian CHRISTIANS chafing under Israeli occupation? You are hardly a Christian, sir.

  10. TA said,

    no matter how hard you try to act as an Ameircan, you will stay a nigger in American society. by the way your crude and ill informed thoughts and the nasty language used by you and your followers, portrays your “character”.
    Good ridden of an idiot.

  11. Jimmy said,

    NOT what TA said. You are articulate, well thought out and read, and very much worth reading. I shall bookmark you. ~Jim

  12. porknbean said,

    TA – you portrayed your own character quite well. Monkey turd.

  13. Megan said,

    TA and everyone else who shares his opinion disgusts me. Talk to us about the facts. No real American thinks of you as a “nigger.”

    That TA considers that an insult is more of a commentary on him than it is on you.

    God bless and keep you, Muslihoon. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  14. Bookslinger said,

    The new Urdu Book of Mormon has arrived! Just got mine today!

  15. Old Iron said,

    All I can say is that I am amazed at the amount of research that has to go into your vews. Impressive.

    Mind if I blogroll you? Is Muslihoon good?

  16. hafidha sofia said,

    What on earth is a Jewophile?

  17. zerointolerance said,

    leaving one religion to join another ? Talk about redundant….

  18. zerointolerance said,

    to clarify, why join another religion ? ?

    If you see one fairy tale for what it is, why do you need another fairy tale.

    I guess it takes all kinds to make a world.

  19. TD said,

    hang on just a minute here….a christian and a jewophile??…hhmmm,,,,for starters, it is quite obvious by you ‘leaving islam’ in 10th grade you never had a balanced, unbiased opinion of islam. Even the simplest of muslims could sit with you and refute your reasons for ‘accepting’ christianity. the idea of a 3 in 1 god NEVER appeals to genuine monotheists..also, as TA quite rightly says, you being a jew-lover, when jews don’t even aknowledge your ‘son of god’ proves your foolishness for all to see. your nonsensical rhetoric on pakistan is way, way of the mark. although you may get a few christians singing your praises on your blog, the truth is, you are a deluded fool who has embraced the american neo-doctrine of militant secularism…as TA says….good riddance to bad fruit….

  20. John Wolton said,

    Whatever you do, pray for yourself. You need that more than anything. Islam is a great religion. i would convert to it if my family allowed me. But somebody converting to christianity, that sounds either like you were unaware of islam, or that you did that under peer/social pressures. i pray that you find comfort in our fantasy story oriented teachings more than you did in your previous (and straight forward) faith.

  21. ex-Malaysian ex-Muslim said,

    Who are we kidding, John Wolten? A straight forward religion? Give me a break! A religion started by a man (yes that is Mohammad in case you are wondering) who raided villages and acquired wealth by killing innocent Jews. He stole their property, raped their wives and children and then took the pretty and young ones as slaves. Had at least 11 wives at one time and still had time to rape his slaves when the wives were not in the house. He lied continuously and kept changing his story so often that there is a rule that the latest teaching would override an older teaching. It is a surprise he had time for God when all he was doing was lusting after women. And oh! yes, he was a pedophile since he married a young girl of 6 years of age and then waited 3 years (what a decent man?) and finally had sex with her when she was 9 years. There is no love, peace, respect or tolerance in Islam!

    • Believer said,

      May Lord Send you straight to hell my dear ex-Muslim
      you call Islam a religion started by man?what is Christianity?God sent Jesus(as u say in english) as His Messenger, bt u called him His son…wiered aftr that passed a period of 200years when Muhammed (peace be upon him) was sent he believed in Jesus as u all believe.He was a seal on the lineage of Prophets.You say he killed innocent jews?wht sort of innocence did they have?the commited adultery, they consumed liquor and did all sorts of acts which would leave humanity only into the darkness of sins.Yet he first sent them an invitation to the religion so that there may be no blood shed and he asked them if they did not want to accpet Islam and stay at peace within the Muslim state they had to pay Jizyah Tax as was made compulsory on all non-Muslims living into the Muslim State. As far as killing of Jews is concerned firstly look out the history u son a bitch, the jews killed the person who carried the letter of invitation to them. As was in the olden days this is wht the rule among pagans ws killing of a messenger meant a ready invitation for war.Muhammad (peace be upon him) had 11 wives do u know that how many of them were virgins?or do u know y did he marry him?did ur soul every wished to inquire b4 u raise a question against Greatest human the world has ever seen?u say Islam overrides older teaching.dear son of b***h open u the pages of history written by ur very own Christian scholars and see the fact. if there is no love in Islam there wuld now hv been a single jew alive on earth cz Muslims in 7th century wuld hv killed them in wars, if there is no peace in Islam Jaziyah wuld nt hv been demanded to stay safely in protection of ISLAM YET STAYING AN UNBELIEVER, IF RESPECT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THERE IN ISLAM MUSLIMS WOULD HAVE NEVER INVITED CHRISTIANS AND JEWS TO THEM WITH LETTERS FILLED WITH PRAISFUL WORDS AND SENDING GIFTS TO NON-MUSLIMS, IF ISLAM HAD NO TOLERANCE BY ALLAH I would not have just written ths to u on the net, rather would have launcehd numerous complaints against you in the Muslim law courts as I myself live in a Muslim country and had have u stand in court…

  22. mormonsoprano said,

    This is certainly a very interesting and unusual site. I see that you have also included my site in your Blogroll. Thank you. Sending best wishes on your spiritual journey.

  23. ama49 said,

    I see you have a lot of various religions that you welcome to your site. I think that is great! I also see you have a lot of LDS or Mormon things on here. What is your take on Mormonism being that you are a Christian?

    By the way, thanks for adding me to your site!


  24. Rimanah said,

    got to reach you soon..i’m interested

    • rwan said,

      sorry but i dont thik its good sit at

  25. sourav894 said,

    Good to know that there are people interested in the rich art of poetry. Cheers for your wonderful blog. Even I’m a published poet. You can catch glimpse of some of my works here- http://souravroy.com/poems/

    Keep Walking!!

  26. Goolam said,

    Muslim here. I respect the site on first reading. Simply because you say you are willing to listen to others, and you can clearly identify where you stand. Not sure how a Christian becomes a Zionist .. but as ironies go, this is one of the glaringly bizarre modern day.

  27. Goolam said,

    Interesting. My comments are not being posted. Pity. Just as shallow as most westermn demagogues. Good at the pretence of liberal and civil values. Much worst at the application.

  28. BigDaddy1964 said,

    linked over to you blog from the Hostages. Read about your engagement over there. Best wishes! Added your blog to my “favorites”. I have a feeling you have a great deal to teach me. Looking forward to learning from you.

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