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March 12, 2007 at 8:18 pm (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Religion, Religions)


The WordPress board works on my phone browser again!

One of my projects, which I may share here although my intention is to publish it, is to begin writing an introduction to Christianity (and an introduction to Judaism perhaps) for Muslims. Because of the propaganda that is spewed by their media and because of misinformation or misunderstanding of Christianity in Islam’s authoritative sources, Muslims have a very poor understanding of what Christians believe. This needs to be rectified. After all, if they expect us to understand them, we should expect them to understand us as well. The same goes for Judaism, whose image in Islam is perhaps even more distorted.

To my dear readers: please let me know if you would like me to post installments of such guides or introductions as I write them.

In a related comment: I thank God I do not read any local Muslim newspapers. I picked one up and my blood pressure began to soar. Such dreck they print in there! I am glad that if I do investigate Muslim propaganda, it’s in Urdu or Arabic. That is enough idiocy for me to handle.

So, if Muslims are idiots (which many, though not all, are), the people to blame are those who are running the media (sermons, newspapers, television programs, publishers, et cetera) to which Muslims are exposed. They are stultifying Muslims.

For Monday, March 12, anno Domini 2007, Monday in the Third Week of Lent, the twentieth day in Lent, the seventeenth day of penitence of Lent.

By the way, Sundays (and the Commemoration of Saint Patrick, bishop, observed in The United States) are days during which penance or penitence — what normally is observed during Lent — are suspended. Hence the count of days in Lent and days of penitence of Lent.


  1. echnaton said,

    you are totally right
    I got as well my blood pressure up every time I read what muslims think, or think to believe, Christianity is.
    It is ashaming to read the whole crab
    Gook luck

  2. Fernando Martinez said,

    As usual your posts have that informative positive vibe that I enjoy. I look fwd to your writing an introduction on Christianity, islam, et al. I at first felt rather dismayed by your opinion on Bama. To myself he reminds me somewhat of Kennedy. What I most like about him also is also his sincere positive vibe and energy. However you presented your point carefully and throroughly as to why you doubt the great mullato hope and I can see your point. It’ll be a very curious election indeed.

  3. Tex said,

    I would love to hear your thoughts. By the way, my experience is that when Muslims read the Injil (New Testament) they almost always fall in love with it. They love that the message is understandable and that message is one of love and forgiveness a real rarity in the countries I’ve lived in. Afghanistan being one of them.

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