Some good points from The Jerusalem Post concerning Lebanon and Palestinians

July 24, 2006 at 1:45 am (Arabs, International community, Islamism, Israel, Middle East, Palestinian Territories)

“In Washington: Lebanon is different” (July 20, 2006) by M.J. Rosenberg of The Jerusalem Post makes a number of interesting points:

The attacks on northern Israel are not about the Palestinians. Nor are they the result of any legitimate grievance Hizbullah may have with Israel. There are no such grievances. Neither Hizbullah nor Lebanon has outstanding claims against Israel.

It is interesting that besides invoking Hezbollah prisoners in Israel, Hezbollah has no reason to attack or oppose Israel. Hezbollah brought this situation on themselves.

Israel and the US should be exploiting the differences between Palestinian factions, helping to create new alignments of relative moderates rather than relegating all Palestinian nationalists to the category of terrorists and thereby virtually forcing all Palestinians into radical unity.

That is not necessary with Hizbullah. They are simply thugs who have to be defeated or rendered harmless. But Israelis and Palestinians are destined to share one land. Their fates are intertwined.

I am still somewhat wary of dealing with terrorist organizations. But there is nevertheless some wisdom here.

But first the violence has to stop. If it doesn’t, the noisy but relatively harmless Kassams will soon be replaced by missiles which reach farther and inflict far more damage.

I am sure this is what Israel is fearing, and why, for example, it imposed a naval blockade on the Gaza Strip once Hamas came into power. But, where there is a will, there is a way. If Hamas does launch a missile, I’m afraid Israel will reoccupy the Gaza Strip and eradicate every terrorist cell. Whatever suffering has been and will be “inflicted” on the Palestinians is ultimately the fault of the terrorist groups.

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  1. Debbie said,

    Doesn’t the Lebanese people/government have some responsibility here? They have continued to allow Hezbollah to grow, to hide weapons in homes and mosques, and to be part of the government. The Lebanese who allow this to go on must have some responsibility? They are not all ‘victims’ like the press is saying. Do you agree?

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