The Strength of a Nation

February 17, 2010 at 10:26 am (History, International community)

Wherein lies the strength of a nation?

Not in its planes or tanks or missiles. Not in its economic prowess. Not in how low people bow to its diplomats and leaders. Quite often, though, these are taken as signs of the strength of a nation – it’s prestige.

But the true strength of a nation lies with its people – their willingness to move the nation forward, their willingness to work together, their courage and determination, their cherishing of their past and their optimistiz gaze to the future, their industriousness and valuing of honest, hard work. With such a people, no government or military can frustrate them. Without such a people, no government or military can lead the nation forward.

So, look to a nation’s people to judge its true strength.

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  1. J. Max Wilson said,

    Great observation. Thank you.

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