Is America Christian?

April 9, 2009 at 12:30 am (Christianity, Leftist idiocy, The United States, US Government)

Are we a Christian nation?

The technical answer is that we are not a Christian nation. Unlike many countries, we do not have an official religion. No religion or religious body receives any especial recognition or patronage. (This is one of the purposes of the First Amendment.)

Some might say that Americana is America’s religion – our volumes of scripture are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, our prophets are the Founding Fathers, our salvation lies in furthering America’s interests, in following the American dream.

But the technicalities do not betray a very real element of America: while America, technically, as a State, is not Christian, at least not officially, the American people are Christian, and thus America is, indeed, unofficially Christian. What’s more, America is not Christian the way England is Christian. America is perhaps one of the most diverse and devout of the Christian nations.

When people go around saying, “Oh, America is not a Christian nation!” they will come off as two-faced. Why is he saying this while America is so overwhelmingly Christian? Is he trying to trick or fool other people?


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  1. infektfm said,

    Well, some of how forefathers weren’t even christian, but deists. And of course, the christian population is on a decline. And of course we were founded on freedom of religion. and of course, government should neither deny or recognize religion. of course we have a seperation between church and state. of course,, atheism is on the rise. of course, we have a large population of jews, muslims, hindus and more.

    Maybe the majority are christians. Of course, the majority of christians in US are more or less mechanical, don’t know much about the religion, and frankly never think about it.

    Is US a christian nation? No. It’s like saying the US is a white nation. I mean, it’s just as stupid.

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