In memoriam

January 25, 2009 at 11:42 pm (In memoriam, Personal)

Eil molei rachamim shokhein bam’romim hamtzei m’nuchon’khono al kanfei hash’khino b’maalos k’doshim ut’horos k’zohar horokia mahirim l’nishmas Yochanan ben Adam avinu sheholakh l’olomo. B’gan Eiden t’hei m’nuchoso. Lokhein baal horachamim yastireinu b’seiser k’nofov l’olomim v’yitzror bitzror hachayyim es nishmoso haShem hu nachaloso v’yonuach b’sholom al mishkovo. V’imru: omein. Omein!

God, full of mercy who dwells on high, grant perfect rest on the wings of Thy divine presence in the lofty heights of the holy and the pure who shine in the brightness of the heavens to the soul of [Cranky] son of Adam our father, who has gone to his eternal rest. His resting place shall be in the Garden of Eden. Therefore the Master of Mercy will care for him under the protection of His wings for all time and bind his soul in the bond of everlasting life. God is his inheritance and he will rest in peace. Let us say: Amen. Amen!


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