The problem with love

January 6, 2009 at 11:13 am (Personal)

The “love” I am talking about is the care and compassion one feels for another person. Nothing romantic – just agape.

The problem is when one cares about another, there are whole new dimensions of worry and inconvenience, inconvenience which is set aside as such for the sake of something greater. It also means doing what must be done, despite one’s desires otherwise. Lots of sacrifice.

And caring for someone isn’t about grand acts. It’s about small, routine acts – pats on the back, expressing joy to see the person, checking in to see how they are doing with family and work, and they make a difference.

Life, for me, was so much simpler and easier when I didn’t have people to care about. One of the drawbacks of being active in the Church – more people to know, love, and care about. Despite all the inconvenience, though, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Keep on loving. It’s hard, but worth it.



  1. Robert said,

    I have that problem for all the people I met when I was in Israel. Making sure each of them are Ok and not in harms way.

  2. Nora said,

    Keep on loving. It’s hard, but worth it.

    That’s the naked truth, Muslihoon. Even when some people would never consider it worth the effort or even when they misunderstand you, it’s the best thing to do in your life.

    Warm regards. 🙂

  3. lwayswright said,

    Life without people to love would be very lonely indeed!

  4. Americano said,

    So, what ever happened with car ride girl?

  5. akansha said,

    hi, im akansha actualy i dont knw wat is luv ,nd a boy propose me before 5 months nd he is my ph. a frnd so i said to him dat i dont knw its luv or nt bt yes i have sum special place 4 u nd im scare dat if i say yes so i break my parents trust , he convice me 4 outng bt i ws always refuse him ,he is so nice so rply fast dat wat cn i do

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