November 10, 2008 at 12:30 am (Personal)


So, I have two difficult classes this term. For one class, our group needs to find an industry (and a specific company therein) to study from a microeconomics perspective. We have only five weeks for the microeconomics part of the course; the next five weeks comprise the macroeconomics part. So five weeks to study an industry and company — while I’m still learning the basics of microeconomics (sarc) oh I’m going to be so much help (/sarc).

Then I have to prepare my Sunday School lesson for this coming Sunday. I had two weeks to do it (this past weekend was Stake Conference, so I didn’t teach class), but characteristically I left it to this week.

And I was originally assigned the last Sunday in November to give a talk during the main meeting at church. The branch presidency moved me up to this week. And my topic isn’t all that easy: not much written on it, else I’d just quote Scriptures and talks and lessons from manuals, and so on. So I have to do actual thinking and study. And for some reason, the branch presidency has high expectations. (Last time I had to give a talk, they put me in the most-time slot, but I didn’t have enough time (someone before me ran way over) so I had to abbreviate my talk, and even then I ran over. Which wasn’t a problem because I had to teach right after, so my class was shorter. 😉 )

So in one week I have to:
Prepare the lesson (which I haven’t even started)
Prepare the talk (ditto)
Get the group to agree on an industry
Get the group to agree on a company
Do my microeconomics readings
Do my financial management readings
Complete the online course component of financial management

Fortunately – my silver lining – is that my bosses are leaving the country for most of the week. So I’ll have the opportunity to do schoolwork (and churchwork) during working hours; and I might even sneak in a few trips to the Temple, after chauffeuring Mom around maybe for a day or two.

Yeah, wah wah wah. Poor me. At least I’m busy. I’d rather be busy — and have the opportunity to contribute at Church — than be useless.

On the other hand, there are a number of personal issues that have occupied my mind. The world has always been…interesting. It’s getting interestinger. Fortunately, I think I found someone to help me, in a way, with one of my biggest challenges.


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