Gird Up Your Loins; Fresh Courage Take

November 6, 2008 at 12:30 am (The Left, The Right, The United States, US Government)

So, we experienced a major defeat. Yet let us not become too despondent. We cannot always win, and perhaps it is better we lost than having won.

With the loss of our candidate, we are not in the position of having to endure someone whom we might not have liked or supported anyway. If we cannot stand behind either candidate, let the fall of the Republican be the nourishing water at the roots of the tree of conservatism and good governance, to reinvigorate the Republican Party and bring its people to abide more closely to its nourishing principles and values.

This offers up a great opportunity. Let us use this opportunity to sweep into power honorable representatives who will not betray us, who will honor the principles of good governance. Let us support and move forward those who will help America and her people, not those who will exploit their power for greed or expediency.

After having a Congress with one of the lowest approval ratings in history, the Democrats have control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House. Their failure can only be blamed on them now. When the novelty of this historic election wears off, and as those in power realize that their magic incantations don’t work in the real world, the people will see these people for who and what they really are. Reality will be inescapable.

And behind this, all the while, we should be advocating the principles and values and standards of good governance. Give the American people solace and guidance as they face the reality of their choices. Let us show them the way to a better nation.

Let us gird up our loins and fresh courage take, and continue our trek to bring America to a better place.

Brothers, sisters, friends – onward!


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