The End of an Era

September 7, 2008 at 6:33 pm (Personal)

On Saturday, September 6, the end of an era for me came to pass.

For years, if not for more than a decade, I was using insulin pens to inject insulin. Using insulin pens was a far more convenient and discrete way to inject insulin compared to using syringes and vials.
For more information, see this article on insulin pens on Wikipedia.

Now that I am moving to an insulin pump (namely, the OmniPod), I will have no more use for insulin pens as the pump is filled from vials.

I am excited for the changes that are coming up, but it is bittersweet. An entire regimen, which I have used for so long, has come to an end.

The pen is dead. Long live the vial! (Pretty soon, specifically, beginning on Monday, Saturday 15, it will be: Long live the pump!)


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