July 9, 2008 at 12:30 am (Personal)

On Saturday, I was walking from a store to where I parked my car. On the way was a games store. I stopped in, as is my wont, and ask, “You got any Wiis?”

To my utter shock and surprise, the answer was, “Yep.”

I was left in shock. How do I respond? Do I spend part of that wonderful government stimulus check on a Wii? Do I get games? Will my purchase(s) be vetoed at home?

I whipped out my card and bought a Wii and an extra set of controllers.

It’s so much fun! We played it Saturday (there was a wedding we went to, so we set it up around 1:30 am, and played for a few hours) and Sunday and now my right arm is so sore. But it’s so much fun! Even Mom and Dad played it!



  1. Lokki said,

    Some of our friends have purchased Wii’s and my wife and I have gotten to play with them a few times. We LOVED playing with them.

    We’ve no kids, and don’t have any but i’m seriously thinking that it would be worth buying a Wii and some games for us; and we’re definitely not usually computer-game people.

    I’m a little jealous…!

  2. totaltransformation said,

    We bought ours several months ago and still love it.

  3. Shane said,

    The Wii is great! I haven’t done it yet, but you can even buy the old school games on it and play those as well 😀

  4. geoff said,

    Had the same experience about a month ago. I went to Best Buy back in March and they laughed me out of the store when I asked about a Wii. Then I walked in a month ago, and they had a stack of 6 sitting there. I couldn’t believe it. I had to ask the sales guy, “are these really Wiis?”

    They are a ton of fun, aren’t they? The whole concept sounded stupid until I tried it and found out how well the controller works.

  5. mesablue said,

    I’m trying to get rid of mine,

    It was fun for a while, but I like shooter games and that’s not the Wii’s strong point.

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