Liberties and freedoms

June 27, 2008 at 12:30 am (The Left, The Right, The United States, US Government)

Do I have the right to write or say something that offends another person?

America is quite unique in this regard. People are, generally, allowed to say and do what they want. This gives rise, inevitably, to racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and a host of other evils. And they are, essentially, protected by law.

Most people in society recognize that these things are wrong and bad. They seek to educate people about what is true, right, and good. But some want to go further: they want to put an end to these evils by force of law.

I belong to a number of minority groups that could make me a target of negative comments. But I don’t care. I believe it would be utterly wrong for someone to be punished because they said something offensive, even if it’s vile. They can say what they want to say: I can respond back if I choose to do so.

One of the immense drawbacks of censorship is that it puts us on a slippery slope. What is considered unacceptable will widen, greatly stifling expression. Pretty soon, all dissent would be banned.

We see this clearly on college campuses, where in the name of tolerance all contrary opinions (contrary to the politically-correct line espoused and promoted) are discouraged if not punished. There is no real freedom of thought, expression, or speech. When Ralph Reed attracts more condemnation and vitriol than Farrakhan, something has gone wrong.

People on the Left are all for censorship, because they are the ones doing the censorship. The people on the Right are the ones who will loose.

And so we must protect our freedoms and liberties, which are slowly being taken away from us in the name of tolerance, acceptance, and other PC values.



  1. jdamn13 said,

    Ibn Misr from Sons of Apes and Pigs just came up with a great solution for what to do when we want to criticize Muslims publicly. Just tell the truth about the atrocities they commit and disgusting things they do and then call them “true Muslim followers of Muhammad.” Could CAIR sue anyone for saying that when Muslims commit acts of terrorism? Or how about calling these same actions “extrememly pious accordingly to Islamic ‘morality?'” Doubtful. Is it Islamophobia, or just the sick, sad truth?

    But you’re right about censorship. The Democrats and the liberal media still can’t admit that Bobby Kennedy, the last great Democrat, was murdered in an act of political (“religious”) terrorism by a PLO terrorist. It’s like they hate everyone but our greatest enemy; they even hate their own party enough to cover up RFK’s death.

    I’m personally for banning Islam since it is necessarily seditious, not to mention inherently parasitic, it is the original Nazism, and one of the 5 Pillars is to donate to jihad (“charity”). But not the Koran. I love that Mein Kampf is available because it helps us understand how people can be led astray and how their minds can be controlled by the ramblings of a psychopath. Of course Hitler was reasonably intelligent and did us the service of arranging his book in a coherent, chronological order, and not littering it with mathematical, grammatical, historical, biblical, and scientific errors, and not having a sick hangup on pedophilia, slavery, every form of sex crime, genocide of everyone but Muslims (he just wanted Jews dead), and torture, and he placed a high value on personal responsibility, education, and hard work. The Koran, well … But he relied just as heavily on unjustified hatred, lies, and logical fallacies.

    And universities are totally failing us, and it’s not just Middle Eastern studies departments that whitewash the truth. It’s history departments who don’t tell you about the 270,000,000 people who have been slaughtered in the name of Islam, who teach that the Crusades were not entirely defensive wars, or even the Bobby Kennedy thing. It’s also women’s studies departments. Don’t even get me started. Nobody is more in favor of slitting our own throats in the name of ‘multiculturalism’ than women’s studies departments. A women’s studies professor once defended the freaking hijab to me, as if it were anything other than a medieval Nazi slave rag designed to deprive women of their dignity, identity, and humanity. She said that it was done out of ‘pride,’ so I asked her what Muslims have to be proud of , what has one single one of them accomplished, given 1400 years and billions of people to contribute something of value to the world? Anything but regression, evil, and genocide? She was silent. Give the Palestinians 60 years and billions of dollars and they can’t even build a single hospital, let alone a real electrical, telecom, or sanitation system. But they can kill Jews. True Muslim followers of Muhammad. That’s the Muslim world’s contribution. So universities skirt the issue entirely except to teach us that the Crusades were wrong.

    Muslim students can say things in class like “women are genetically inferior” and “blondes are genetically inferior,” but when I explain to them that anyone with a legitimate 9th grade education recognizes these statements as projection on the part of malignant narcissists who know deep down that they’re weak and stupid (the crux of misogyny, since those are the 2 attribute misogynists attribute to women, and they do it because they can be controlled by our sexuality, which makes them necessarily weak and stupid), and genetically inferior (because they’re Arabs and Arabs have inbred themselves to the point where they have 20x the rates of genetic defects and disorders and IQs which are 20-30 points lower on average; check it on if you don’t believe me; and that that’s what you can expect from a people who live by a book that instructs its followers to sexually assault their 6-year-old nieces and rape their daughters and sisters: K2.223 – it doesn’t say “wives” in Arabic, and which uses one word, NIKAH, to refer interchangeably to sex, rape, marriage, prostitution, incest, and child molestation because it’s all the same to them), I’m a racist. I had science to back me and they had hateful Wahhabi “education.” Sick.

  2. Jordan said,

    And you’re a schmuck Jdamn13, a hate-monger to the core. Those are not facts, those are your made-belief prejudice.

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