Rising energy prices and the Left foiling attempts to deal with it

June 19, 2008 at 10:07 am (Leftist idiocy, The Left, The Right, The United States, US Government)

Some headlines from today’s issue of Investor’s Business Daily:
“Bush: Lift Offshore Drilling Ban”
“Bush Urges Contress To Lift Ban On Offshore Oil And Gas Drilling”
“Surging Oil Primes Political Pump For New U.S. Drilling”

The point these articles make is that Bush says that rising energy prices is bad for America, and to alleviate this we need to explore other options, such as offshore drilling. He is, as can be expected, opposed by the Left.

But this typical of the Left. The Left complains incessantly about rising energy prices and places the blame squarely at the feet of Bush. But when alternatives are mentioned, alternatives which would help us lower energy prices, the Left goes into a tizzy, and the Left ends up opposing any practical solution for some reason or another. And they complain Bush isn’t doing anything when Bush can’t do anything, what with the Left striking down all practical solutions. So the Left paints a deceptive picture.

But then, the Left contains philosophies, values, and paradigms that don’t really match reality. They skew the order of things that actually matter, placing soft and irrelevant issues (environmentalism, animal conservation, not inconveniencing animals, redistribution of wealth, and so on) higher than things that do matter or that should matter (such as lowering the cost of getting things done in the economy, promoting free enterprise, supporting business endeavors to enrich people, let people enjoy the fruits of their own efforts, and so on). And so while the Left wants to sacrifice everything of value to intangible things and issues (might I say, to false gods?) and make everyone equally miserable, the Right wants to help everyone advance themselves by themselves, to enable everyone to be happy, and to allow practical solutions that affect our livelihood.

So the fault, really, lies not at Bush’s feet but at the feet of those hinder him from doing what should be done.



  1. Rich said,

    When energy prices start to directly impact the pocketbooks of the lefties, they turn on a dime. But they’re all for stupid energy market interference by governement when it’s on someone elses dime, either the taxpayers or energy producers.

  2. vmaximus said,

    I used to fill up my 25 gal tank every other week. With Gas at 4.00 here in Tampa, I am using my debit card and putting in $75 a week. And it is not full. I want to build a car. Using a motorcycle engine that gets 50 mpg. When I was young, (14-15yo) I built a sand rail dune buggy from a 67 VW bug. I got 45 mpg from a 80 hp engine. Yes I had lawn chairs fore seats and a rope for a seat belt, (I flipped it a lot, so I needed something to keep me from flying out of the roll cage), but I would build one today with a motorcycle engine and air conditioning!

    Sorry Musli, for being so off topic.

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