Quick thought

June 11, 2008 at 12:30 am (International community, Iran, Israel, World War III)

So, Ahmadinezhad has said he wants to get rid of Israel. And many preoccupy themselves with how, practically, Iran could accomplish it. Launching a nuke at Israel is considered so impossible that it is dismissed. (Then again, hijacking civilian passenger airplanes and crashing them into buildings was similarly dismissed.)

But Iran doesn’t have to launch a missile. All it has to do is give a nuke to Hezbollah, who is across the border from Israel.

Ever heard of a dirty bomb? Iran could be the first one to use it, through Hezbollah.



  1. Vmaximus said,

    Here is a interesting article from “stars and stripes” It is hopeful for us and a insight into the Iranian mind, with lots of anti american spin.

  2. nicedeb said,

    Sorry, OT, but you need to check this guy out, Muslihoon.:

    He has an impressive grasp of what’s going on, I’d say.

  3. John said,

    Ahmadinejad may not care since he wants to usher in the return of al-Mahdi, but those with any sense in Iran had better ensure he never makes such a move. Why? Two words: Samson Option. With nothing to lose, Israel would completely annihilate all of Iran.

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