David Tolk

June 9, 2008 at 12:30 am (Amusement, Music, Personal)

This will be a small and simple post.

Have you heard of David Tolk? He’s a lawyer. And a pianist. He’s an amazing pianist. (Being so multi-talented, I thought he might be SobekPundit, but Sobek is in Nevada and Tolk is in Utah.)

I never really liked music that was mainly (if not solely) piano, but Tolk changed that for me. I got a CD of his almost a decade ago (but lost it later) and I always remembered it fondly. (I went and electronically downloaded all of his albums today. Each one is awesome.) He’s classified, for some reason, as “New Age”, but his music is not what I associate with New Age. It is true that his music doesn’t fit any of the usual genres (except for a number of hymns he arranged and plays). It’s all very calming, and somehow perfect. Some are slower, some are faster, most go at a steady, medium pace.

Here is David Tolk‘s website. Do your ears and soul a favor and listen to a few of his songs, if not buying a few albums.


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  1. Nora said,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I love the piano solos… 😉

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