Equality of the Third World with the West

May 12, 2008 at 1:18 pm (International community, The Rest, The West)

I have always been mystified by people who seem to want to equalize the West and the Third World.

I’ve lived in the Third World. I know what it’s like. I know what Third World people are like. I know the utter despair and hopelessness that abounds simply because the hurdles to move forward are so immense. And so I truly wonder how anyone can rationally or while thinking clearly ever even come up with the notion that somehow or somewhere or somewhen the West and the Third World are equal. They most certainly are not.

Sure, plenty of people will accuse us of saying that the West is superior. But that is not a value judgment as much as it is a statement of fact. And facts are facts, whether they are unpleasant or not, and whether they fit a person’s ideology of the world or not.

And this equality does not do the Third World any favors. Every time we repeat the canard that we’re equal, the Third World loses incentives to improve. Or, rather, the will and drive within the Third World diminishes because what’s the use putting in all that effort if they’re equal to us? No, they will only pick up if they feel they need to catch up.

I mean, just look at the facts of the situation. If these countries improved themselves, there’d be greater prosperity and stability within each such country, provided and perpetuated by each country, without the people having the emigrate elsewhere. This will do nothing but spread prosperity and success to more people to more areas of the world.

Of course, one group of people that simply demands the Third World’s equality with the West are the Third World’s leaders, who go out of their way to blame all of their problems, regardless what it may be, on the West. Since it’s all the West’s fault, the West ought to pay up and flush these suffering pools of darkness with cash and more cash. If these people keep getting money without having to do anything, why should they put in the effort to build themselves up? Why give up on this free ride? They, thus, have little incentive to move forward. And all because of Western guilt (or the Third World’s success in guilt-tripping the West) for imaginary wrongs and imaginary responsibility.

The best thing we can do is affirm, strongly, that we, the First World, are better and superior, and that others ought to work up to our standard of living. Acknowledge the reality, and let the consequences follow. We should help, but not by throwing money at them.



  1. geoff said,

    The best thing we can do is affirm, strongly, that we, the First World, are better and superior

    …and better-looking, too.

  2. Rob Fox said,

    And what about taller, whiter, blonder, and with bluer eyes too?!

    Or perhaps that may not apply to you…

    While you’re online, why not Google ‘Mormon racism’ for a little illumination?

  3. geoff said,

    Talk about completely missing the point. C’mon, Rob, read the post. The actual post, not what you’ve conjured up.

  4. Rob Fox said,

    An amorphous, swingeing assertion of the inferiority of ‘The Third World’ (as if it was a single, homogenous entity) drew a swingeing retort.

    Perhaps Muslihoon would care to clarify the nature of ‘our’ superiority?

    Is it political ideology? economic system? the value of persons? integrity in international relations? perhaps just the raw power to dominate in the struggle for resources?

    Who’s missing the point?

  5. Muslihoon said,

    Life expectancy
    Quality of life
    Economic mobility
    Social mobility
    Political value
    Educational opportunity
    Employment prospects
    Civil rights
    Ability to exercise political and civil rights

    Shall I go on?

  6. geoff said,

    Who’s missing the point?

    …the fellow who attributed the argument, completely without foundation, to racism.

    Oh yeah, that’d be you.

  7. Rob Fox said,

    While you’re online, why not Google ‘Mormon racism’ for a little illumination?

  8. geoff said,

    While you’re online, why not Google ‘off topic’ for a little illumination. Then search for ‘repetitive boor.’

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