General Conference and Modern Technology

April 5, 2008 at 7:28 pm (LDS)

Today I have classes. It is the ninth of ten weeks, and so our second-to-last class for both classes. Our last classes will consist of final presentations. So this class was important.

I wanted to listen to General Conference this morning. I knew I would not be able to go to the meetinghouse, so I thought I would sneak out of class, attend the solemn assembly and sustaining portion of General Conference, and then go back to class. I brought my computer, and as the campus building has free wifi, I could connect online and watch a live feed of General Conference. What technology! With a computer and an internet connection, I can watch General Conference wherever I am!

Problem is that General Conference started at 11 am Central Daylight Time. My first class ends at 11:30. It would not be acceptable to leave as class would be ending. As it is, because a solemn assembly sustaining takes more time than the normal sustaining held during other General Conferences, I might be gone from 11 to 11:30. And it so happened that our class’s group met towards the end of the class. They would not like me disappearing for half an hour.

So, I skipped it. Sadly, but I had little choice.

When I came home, I fired up my computer and went to see what I could see. They had the entire morning session video archive already! One click, and now I’m watching the morning session of General Conference. In the privacy of my bedroom, I was able to stand and sustain my Church’s general authorities, including the new First Presidency —

Oh, benediction. *folds arms and bows head*

And now the morning session is over. I’m downloading the afternoon session as I type. (Yes! They have that up there already too!) I might watch the streaming video archive in the meanwhile.

I am so impressed. So very impressed. And I remember when the Church did not even have a website. Now, look at all this! It’s simply amazing!

And as one who tries not to keep any Church material at home, this is wonderful. I don’t need anything. Everything is online. Everything can be downloaded. Even all the hymns. Even talks, lesson manuals, and so much more. I am so impressed.

Edit: They have the audio in Urdu!


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