About Jihad: Introduction

February 4, 2008 at 10:57 pm (Islam, Islamism, Religion) ()

Hah! It’s still Monday!

So, what I thought would be two longish posts has turned to be quite longer than I expected (which is simply foolish of me as I should by now know how long-winded I can be). In a way, this may be a good thing. This way I can make many points I have made and wanted to remake as well as new points I wanted to make.

In order that my readers will spared book- or treatise-length posts, I have divided what I wrote into four parts with the first two further divided into sections. The last two are sort of appended issues. The first and second parts each have four sections. I will post a section a different day. And so:

  • Tuesday, February 5: Section 1, Part I
    Wednesday, February 6: Section 2, Part I
    Thursday, February 7: Section 3, Part I
    Friday, February 8: Section 4, Part I
    Saturday, February 9: Section 1, Part II
    Sunday, February 10: none
    Monday, February 11: Section 2, Part II
    Tuesday, February 12: Section 3, Part II
    Wednesday, February 13: Section 4, Part II
    Thursday, February 14: Part III
    Friday, February 15: Part IV
  • One of the things that motivated me to post these posts was Nice Deb‘s “California Textbook Teaching PC Version Of ‘Jihad'”.



    1. nicedeb said,

      You’re a sweetheart.

      So you’re going to make us wait another day?!

    2. Muslihoon said,

      Not really an entire day. Technically yes, but in reality the next one will be up in a little more than an hour (it will be up at 12:30 am CST Tuesday; it is now about 11:15 pm CST Monday).

      All posts that are lined up will appear on their respective days at 12:30 am CST.

      Let me know what you think!

    3. nicedeb said,

      Thanks, Muslihoon. I’ll read it in the morning.

      I’m glad you did it in installments.

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