9/11: Occam’s Razor, Truthers, and Satan

January 9, 2008 at 12:30 am (History, Idiots, World War III)

A commenter (a moonbat, I believe) invoked Occam’s Razor in attempting to debunk the official line regarding who was behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.

This invocation of Occam’s Razor was utterly ridiculous as it is manifestly plain that any alternative explanation regarding who was behind those attacks, stretches our limits of credulity.

Perhaps it is quite easy to assign blame, and for some the choice of culprit makes rational sense, but they get stuck in trying to explain or determine how the culprit did it. If the US government, Jews, Freemasons, Crusaders, neo-cons, CIA, Mossad, or whatnot did it, how did it/they do it? Occam’s Razor is not a friend to such attempts.

On the other hand, the manifest reality that we know regarding those responsible for those attacks, which the official line states, makes sense and is practicable. In other words, it is easy to see who did it and how. (Indeed, this is so easy that it makes us shameful that the terrorists were able to succeed.)

To bring religion into this: such people remind me of Satan, the master of lies, who hides truths amongst falsehoods and falsehoods among truths, claiming both to truths and making it hard to tell the truths from the falsehoods. And so like the Father of Lies, the “Truthers” mingle fact and fiction, sometimes in an utterly shameful manner.

But like the Father of Lies, these people are not interested in truth or reality: all they want to do is convert others to their paradigms, memes, and agendas, regardless of what truth or reality may be. Indeed, because truth and reality endanger their agendas, they stubbornly refuse to accept truth or reality.

There is no use debating these people, although those who may be influenced by such nutters should be shown the reality lest they be led astray by the cunning wiles of the Deceptors.


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