Wherefrom this impending utopia?

January 5, 2008 at 12:30 am (Culture, Idiots, Leftist idiocy)

Many people expect and hope for a better world. Such a world is characterized by peace, tranquility, harmony, coöperation, and so on.

But the way things are going, the world is getting worse: more violent, more unsafe, more unsecure, more ruthless. Evil is gaining strength while the good are being perverted by the philosophies of men mingled with scriptures. And even what constitutes scripture (sacred writings that dictate a people’s values and beliefs) is changing, to where Moses is reviled and Chomsky is hailed. What serves man’s baser instincts is lauded while those that challenge them are pooh-poohed.

I fail to understand, frankly, where this vision of an imminent utopia comes from. Even a cursory examination of human acts and tendencies betrays humanity’s savagery. We are becoming more like the savages than the savages becoming more like us. (Indeed, some these same visionaries laud the savages while condemning civilized peoples for being civilized.)

I do not see humanity becoming better, morally advanced, or more evolved (spiritually or otherwise). I see bastions of civilization and roaming bands of savages of all types. All the savages want to do is kill each other, get others’ wealth by theft of various ways, and attack civilized peoples. It has come to the point that civilized peoples feel ashamed defending themselves.

This utterly incomprehensible two-facedness — anticipating the imminent dawn of worldwide utopia while tearing down those societies that are closest to said utopias — is baffling.

No wonder aliens have not invaded and conquered us. Seeing our general stupidity and appalling manners (murder and killing and robbery and other unpleasant acts), they must be afraid to even make contact.


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  1. MikeT said,

    There may come a time where the nationalists will, in order to save their civilized nations, have to use force to shutdown all of those who are advocating the idea of being ashamed of your country. It wouldn’t be pretty, but these ideas are treasonous to liberty and civilization, and eventually civilization can no longer stomach them.

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