Pakistan’s JFK assassination

January 4, 2008 at 12:30 am (History, News, Pakistan, The United States, US Government)

They say that Benazir’s assassination will be or is Pakistan’s JFK assassination. This was meant to refer to the untimely and tragic loss of a popular politician who had much to look forward to.

But that is not how it is turning out. Yes, it was a tragic incident, as assassinations tend to be, but this is Pakistan’s JFK assassination because of another aspect or facet: conspiracy theories.

To this day, there are many theories circulated in America regarding who was behind JFK’s assassination. In the public mind, there is little consensus, and the only common element among the various theorists is that of a cover-up: someone, whether the American government or some other nefarious entity, is hiding the truth.

With Benazir’s assassination, the government and Benazir’s relatives were so quick to bury her that no true investigation can be conducted. And so there is little chance of proving any theory right or wrong, which means a plethora of theories as to what happened and who may have been behind it, from terrorists to Musharraf to the usual suspects (Americans and Jews).

This is nothing new for Pakistan. General Zia-ul-Haqq died in mysterious circumstances, and there is no agreement as to who may have been responsible. Pakistan’s first prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, was also assassinated, and no one knows what the assassin’s motive was. But no assassination took place in such a charged atmosphere or with so many stakes for so many people. (The fact that many people benefitted from the assassination only helps to spawn more rumors and theories.)

If we use our minds and common sense, we can know who did it. But if we begin to entertain every possibility, we will never know. (Despite having such dirt-poor industriousness within Pakistan’s borders, Pakistani people can be extremely imaginative. Furthermore, Occam’s Razor is unheard of (literally and figuratively).)

Years from now, people will still be debating who killed Benazir. Even if someone admitted to it, there will be no consensus. Indeed, some people stick to certain theories, or promote them, because the theory or theories serve their agenda.

Rest in peace, Benazir. The world you left behind is looming ever more towards entropy, partly because of your departure (or, rather, because of how it happened).


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