Two grammar questions regarding the phrase “Our Lord Jesus Christ”

December 27, 2007 at 12:30 am (Christianity, English)

Isn’t “Our Lord Jesus Christ” grammatically incorrect on two points?

First, why are we capitalizing “Our”? It does not refer to Jesus but to us, so ought it not to start with a lower-case letter?

Second, is it not true that when specifying something, commas are used when adding additional detail to the modified phrase whereas commas are not used when the specification is truly a specification? For example, is it not true that “my son Karl” means “of my sons, the one named Karl” whereas “my son, Karl(,)” means “my son, the only one, whose name, by the way, is Karl”? Thus does not “our/Our Lord Jesus Christ” imply that other lords than Him exist, whereas “our/Our Lord, Jesus Christ(,)” means there is only one and we’re specifying His name?



  1. Steamboat McGoo said,

    Musli – are you sure “Our” is *always* capitalized? I’d expect it to be so only when it’s the first word in the sentence.

  2. Carly Corday said,

    It should always be capitalized, because it’s part of a title. Like “Mr. Jones” and “Mrs. Smith,” like “Sir Jeffery” and “Lord Buckingham,” like “Our Lady of Fatima” and “Saint Francis of Assissi.” Like “Pricipal Jackson” and “Lt. Colonel Thomas.” Same goes for Our Lord. In fact, I think they even capitalize “in the Year of Our Lord.”

    This is how I see it as a writer and freelance editor.

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