New comment moderation policy

November 6, 2007 at 11:00 pm (Blogs, Personal)

Effective immediately, I will impose a policy of not approving all comments. Rabidly anti-Semitic, rabidly anti-American, and otherwise unacceptable comments may be deleted. I will be going back and purging some comment threads of such comments.

I believe no justification is necessary.

If you submitted a comment and it does not appear, it means I have not approved it yet or I have deleted it. Please e-mail me to enquire. If I purge a comment, I will say so in its place rather than deleting it entirely.



  1. david drake said,

    I think that is a good policy for comments – having comment moderation turned “on”. I did the same thing last year. Too much and too many absurd and vile commets. If anyone wants that stuff, let ’em blog it at their own blog.

  2. nicedeb said,

    Oh dear, have you been having a problem with trolls?

  3. Muslihoon said,

    In a way, yes. There are certain threads which attract more nasty people than I would like. I used to be such a strong proponent of letting everyone have their say, but, to be honest, I am getting very tired of people messing what is supposed to be an uplifting post with their inane treatise-length idiotic drivel. If it served a purpose, I’d still let it through, but if it’s simply to be contrarian or offensive, I see no reason why I should have to wade through such dreck. It cheapens the value of commenting, anyway, if I let comments through just for sake of it.

  4. nicedeb said,

    I agree.

    I have no problem at all deleting offensive comments.

  5. Steamboat McGoo said,

    It’s your blog, M.

    I totally approve.

    But ya know…the little boy in me that never grew up always wants to test the system whenever I see an announcement like yours. But…I will refrain today.

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