Pakistan’s former Supreme Court: a terrorist entity?

November 4, 2007 at 4:47 am (Pakistan, World War III)

If one examined the recent acts, actions, verdicts, and rulings of Pakistan’s Supreme Court, one might come to the conclusion that the Supreme Court had been stacked with terrorists, militants, and extremists and/or with those sympathetic to terrorists, militants, and extremists. But the simple fact is that the Pakistani Supreme Court was not stacked with such people. In its agenda against Musharraf, it supported everyone who opposed Musharraf (such as terrorists, militants, and extremists) and opposed anyone who supported or listened to Musharraf (such as the Pakistani military and the Pakistani police). And so it indirectly became a dependable tool for terrorists and their sympathizers. And, as such, became an enemy to Pakistan’s stability and security and to America’s efforts against terrorists in that part of the world.

It becomes very difficult for America to enlist Pakistan’s help when Pakistan’s Supreme Court is constantly setting free its jailed terrorists and ruling against anti-terrorist operations.


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