Martial law in Pakistan: whew?

November 4, 2007 at 4:50 am (Pakistan)

An interesting reaction by many Pakistanis when the military assumes control is to breathe a sigh of relief. Maybe now, they believe, the military can finally clean house, eliminating terrorists, militants, extremists, corrupt politicians, corrupt feudal lords, and so on.

It is expected that with the Supreme Court unable to meddle (and with the unprecedented silencing of the religious parties), Pakistan’s military government (under civilian guise) will do what needs to be done.

We’ll see if that happens.


1 Comment

  1. Patton said,

    As you say “We’ll see”.

    But until then, could I respectfully ask what you think the outcome is likely to be?

    I do business with folks in Lahore, and they initially responded in a form similar to “Stability is a prerequisite for democracy”, and seem unconcerned.

    News reports, however, would lead one to believe that the barbarians are, or will soon be, at Musharraf’s gates. Which is more realistic, I wonder?

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