A delicious critique of Gore by Libertad Digital

October 23, 2007 at 1:12 am (Idiots)

Poco después Al Gore, el laureado apóstol del Apocalipsis, volvió a sembrar el pánico por 200.000 euros la sesión.

Soon thereafter Al Gore, the [Nobel] Laureate Apostle of the Apocalypse, returned to spread the panic for 200,000 Euros per session.

(As of 1:04 UTC on October 23, 2007, €200,000 (two hundred thousand Euros) is equal to about $283,781 (two hundred eighty-three thousand seven hundred and eighty-one US dollars.)


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  1. Visitante said,

    Delicious critique, indeed! “Laureado apóstol de Apocalipsis”, “…sembrar el pánico…”..

    Typical article in Libertad Digital: not a single trace of reasoning, but only attacks about the person and their ideas. And, of course, the ubiquitous reference to money: everybody knows only conservatives should be allowed to earn money. All the rest, that is, non-conservatives, which according to Libertad Digital would be leftists, masons, terrorists and muslims or atheists, should not be allowed to.

    By the way, to whoever might interest, if anyone, “Libertad Digital” stands for “Digital Freedom”.

    As the saying goes, “Dime de qué presumes y te diré de qué careces”.


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