Another one bites the dust

October 22, 2007 at 4:10 am (Europe, International community, News, The United States, World War III)

In recent elections, the government of Poland was ousted. The opposition, characterized as pro-business and pro-EU, said it would pull out of Iraq.

Now, if I were the Iraqi parliament, I would pass legislation condemning the Polish government and mandating that no deals may be made between Iraq and Poland as punishment for Poland for abandoning Iraq, for not seeing the project through, for cutting and running. But, of course, that was just be spiteful; and it will never happen.

I am very disappointed in Poland.

I wonder if our anti-war rhetoricians here realize that with the fewer countries contributing, the more The United States will have to contribute.

I wonder if we are the only ones with the integrity and dependability to see this through. Abandoning such a vital cause is so…European. With this sort of allies, let Europe go to the immigrants. I don’t care. We don’t need such un-dependable friends.

fa innaa naHnu-l-maghribu-l-Haqeeqee


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