Knowing the Enemies’ Words

September 29, 2007 at 8:29 pm (Books, Islamism, World War III)

An annoying aspect of The Global Jihad is that the malevolence and true beliefs and aspirations and propaganda of its members are clearly and openly stated. All we have to do is translate their propaganda, which is not difficult.

But The West still listens to and believes primarily the propaganda issued by these entities to The West.

One can almost hear the mujahidin laughing, at how we are so easily fooled.

And so get their cake and eat it too: they get away with the most horrendous propaganda against us, they get away with openly and freely recruiting for The Global Jihad, and they get away with lulling us into a sense of security by fooling us with half-truths and falsehoods (which many among us — I’m not going to name names — accept as fact over what we accurately publish: better the lies of the enemy than the truths of the West?).

As such, one book at least tries to inform us about the people and groups against whom/which we are fighting: The Al Qaeda Reader by Raymond Ibrahim.

At least now we cannot say that we have not been warned.


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