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September 28, 2007 at 12:44 pm (Personal)

If one were to set up a consulting entity, what form of entity would be best: sole proprietorship (sp?), regular corporation, LLC, personal services corporation?

Two pertinent facts: it will involve only one person; and it will provide controvertial (sp?) information (mainly dealing with Islamism) and the consultant would like to limit, as much as possible, personal liability or personal affects being jeopordized (sp?) should he be sued by Islamists for some reason.

Also, said consultant wannabe does not expect to earn much, if anything, from his consulting services. It’s sort of a hobby, a side-project.

Also, although said wannabe consultant is aware of the benefits of a Delaware corporation, he is also aware that he would have to “qualify” to work in the state wherein he resides, which is not Delaware. Which means more money on top of incorporation (of whatever type) in Delaware. And said wannabe consultant is hardly flush with cash. (Indeed, incorporation of any type will be a bit of a sacrifice, but he thinks it should be worth it.)

Soooooo…any advice or ideas?


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  1. Wickedpinto said,

    I have no advice myself, but I know that there is advice out there.

    worked with a number of guys who established 1 person/employee small business for the sole purpose of offsetting taxes on their house, on their cars, and other shit.

    One was an “electrical installer.” as he described it, basicaly he just did handy man work in a few places, and by few, I mean few, I did more work than he did as favor’s than he did as a “business.”

    Another one was a specialized video game engineer.

    (this guy actually knew his shit, he would rebuild/repair old upright video game machines, but thats actually a rather limited market.)

    I don’t know how they did it, but they made only a buck more an hour than I did, and they were able to live WAY beyond their means, because they created small single person/small business entities.

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