More on skin color and on me

September 27, 2007 at 3:42 am (Culture, Islamism, Personal, US Government)

WickedPinto wrote:

Though I have to say you are right, about the brown skin. . . . kinda, but not cuz of the skin, but because as you described your own ancestry, basicaly you don’t have one, right? Your father was from one nation, your mother from another, you were born outside the nation, and have become an American since?

Thats kinda hard to reconcile. (or am I thinking tushar?)

I answer:
My parents are from two different countries (and, despite this, are related). However, I was born in The United States. True, I lived most of my formative years abroad, but I always retained an American identity.

But you are right: it is not so much the color of the skin as much as the ethnic origins that matter. (It so happens that many “suspect” ethnicities give rise to darker skin.) If a red dot-bearing Hindu man from India or Nepal or wherever were in a sensitive position, I would have no problem whatsoever despite the man’s darker skin color. That said, an American-born man of American (that is, ultimately European) origins who hangs out with Muslims would be just as suspect, in my eyes, as a Muslim.

Recall the converts: they throw us off, which is why Islamists seek to convert them to Islam and then recruit them for Islamism (for one of their many battlefronts).



  1. Wickedpinto said,

    Well, national agency’s looking for loyalty, like to employ people who have a national loyalty.

    I’m 3rd gen US, but there is no doubt that I’m US, and actually, on deap background, I probably wouldn’t get a clearence.

    someone who is first gen, with an iffy indiffeant national identity, shouldn’t get one either.

    It’s not a bash, it’s just a sound form of security.

  2. Wickedpinto said,

    There is a reason it is HARD to get a clearence. I rate a top, but most communications/translation positions at upper levles, are alpha/numeric clearences.

    I would never rate one, what with my insanity, and drinking, and willingness to bang anything with a pooter.

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