Working for The Gov.

September 26, 2007 at 3:35 am (Islamism, Military, Personal, The United States, US Government, World War III)

Thank you, Wicked. I applied to every three-letter government agency I could find.

I was turned down by each one.

One I applied to three times. Turned down each time.

I also applied to the FBI three times, each for a different position. Turned down each time. (These three times are different from the ones mentioned before.)

I have read that agencies and entities of The Government are having a hard time staffing reliable people. Anyone who isn’t apple pie American has a good chance of being shot down (as it were). And I do not blame them. The Government has already had enough very bad experiences with impressionable double agents and incompetent employees. (Regarding the latter, one group in particular comes to mind: it was a group of men of Arab origins, working for the Army, who translated Arabic. But they were caught buggering each other while at work. Now, I believe homosexual sex is not an intrinsic part of the Arabic language, but I could be wrong.) Frankly, if I saw a darker-skinned person working for The Government in such a sensitive position, I would be concerned. The ideology of Islamism is very insidious indeed.

My problem is that I have no professional certification or experience in translating. No classes or degrees. They find that a bit suspicious if not of doubtful reliability. I don’t blame them. My duty is not to work for the government. It is to be free of the inevitable encumbrances thereof and to motivate you, of the West, to greater zeal in building up and defending the American Republic.

Because Heaven knows you need more pontificators, and that you need more lecturing to.



  1. MikeT said,

    You could always go talk to a military recruiter. If you have a degree, go to one of the recruiters for the officer ranks, not the rank and file recruiters. You’ll have to ask your local recruiter which recruiter office handles the people who want to go straight to OCS (Officer Candidate School). They’d probably chomp at the bit to have someone who is heterosexual, not a Muslim and can speak some of the languages used by Islamists in the ranks.

    Btw, you do not want to work for the FBI. I come from a federal law enforcement family. The FBI is one hell of a screwed up agency, and it got only a lot worse under Clinton. You’re better off as a contractor to or member of the military/intelligence if you want to go this route.

  2. Wickedpinto said,

    Mus, you’re an academic right? Can’t you go in and for a nominal fee, get a specific certification?

    Though I have to say you are right, about the brown skin. . . . kinda, but not cuz of the skin, but because as you described your own ancestry, basicaly you don’t have one, right? Your father was from one nation, your mother from another, you were born outside the nation, and have become an American since?

    Thats kinda hard to reconcile. (or am I thinking tushar?)

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