The O Book Club

September 8, 2007 at 4:54 pm (Amusement, Books, Islamism, Mocking the enemy)

It seems that Usama bin Ladin has a penchant for recommending books of Western authors (Chomsky comes to mind) in practically every broadcast to The West.

I think we should continue the O Book Club, except now “O” means “Osama” instead of “Oprah”.

Who do you think will be next?

Methinks perhaps a (relatively) massive but alarming tome by a certain formerly-known A. Schicklgruber, no? But O recommends books by living peoples (so they can reap the benefits of capitalism and Western civilization by condemning the same). Maybe a certain J. Prettyboy Edwards?

Or the Prophet Gorebot (upon whom be peace and verdancy)?

After all, UbL did mention *snicker* global warmening as a reason Bush is A Bad Boy Indeed, no?

I suggest: Tikkun l’Koreim. Beautiful works of art copies thereof are.


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