WordPress banned in Turkey

August 27, 2007 at 3:18 am (Blogs, Turkey, Turkish)

Türkiye’de WordPress yasaklanmış.

One of the most prominent (and, publishing-wise, prolific) Islamists is a guy named Harun Yahya. Evidently his real name is Adnan Oktar. He and his lawyers have convinced the government of Turkey to ban all of WordPress because of WordPress’s refusal to remove what Oktar alleges to be defamatory material about him.

This is an atrocious state of affairs. But I am quite happy to see that WordPress has not given in to Oktar’s lawyers’ demands; and, I dare say, WordPress will never give in.

The problem about free speech — which Oktar should know plenty about, seeing how he is a demagogue himself — is that one must permit what one does not like in order to see what one likes to flourish.

Oktar likely either knows nothing about free speech or does not care about free speech. But his attitude and tactics are very revealing of today’s Islamists.

Consider yourself warned: if you don’t stand firm, they will knock you down.

My salutations and admiration to the WordPress team for demonstrating one element that has made The West the best: freedom of expression.

For more information, visit “Turkey Update” by Photo Matt (founder of WordPress; WordPress’in kurucusu).



  1. nicedeb said,

    ow, I hope I didn’t say anything to piss him off.

  2. nicedeb said,

    I meant wow, not ow…stupid keyboard!

  3. jd809 said,

    “I think “free speech” is taken wrong. While determining terms and norms we should think them on ourselves.
    If “free speech” means everyone can open a blog about someoneelse and pour out whatever he wants and write down defamatory expressions against others, same thing may also happen to us. What if someone opens a blog like matthewmullenweg.wordpress.com and writes downs every slander against you. Would you be saying “oh how nice people express their views freely”. And would you not remove the blog since it would be suppressing free speech?
    I think you are a bit confused about norms. There should be some terms and wise terms. Otherwise there would be disorder and misuse like in this situation.
    And Matt in TOS there is an expression as “hate speech” and also mentioning about defamation etc. If these banned blogs do not enter this range (as it is understood Turkish courts agree they are so), what will?”

  4. jd809 said,

    Now I have an interesting story about the comment above. I wrote this comment to Matt Mullenweg’s page and do you know what happended. He remove my comment. I have surprised and ask him why. he didn’t reply. So later I noticed that all the comments I had read so far about Turkey’s blocking (on his and wordpress main page) was in favour of him. This is probably because he is removing other opinions. THIS IS NOT A FREE SPEECH PLATFORM. DEFINETELY NOT. He is manipulating. and while he is defending himself by saying “I didn’t remove mentioned sub-blog names because it would have been suppressing free speech’ he is not honest with this.. He is already suppressing free speech by removing comments against him. If you want to affirm, write a comment criticizing him about this blocking issue-page in his site and see what happens.

  5. cranky said,

    I spent 544 days in Turkey between 1974 and 1975. There is/was a law in Turkey in which it is a crime to “insult” a Turk. What constitutes an insult is ambiguous.

    OT: how much of an idiot is Gretchen Carlson of Fox & Friends? Sorry, new PC has a TV card so I am now able to become pissed off by what I read on blogs and see on TV all at pretty much the same time.

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