Europe lectures Texas on executing people

August 27, 2007 at 4:07 am (Amusement, Blogs, Europe, The United States)


Oh, the irony.

But check out Texas’s response.

Yay Texas!



  1. nicedeb said,

    Excellent response.

  2. Enas Yorl said,

    *Clappy, clappy!* Very fine response indeed.

    Also, because I know you would want to know it and not to be persnickity, but it’s properly “Texas’ response” – no extra s at the end. When doing a possessive on a word that ends in s you just pop the apostrophe on and leave off the extra s. You still say it of course, you just don’t write it.

  3. MikeT said,

    Texas is one of the states that has a murder statute that makes you able to be executed for murder if you are committing any felony that ends up getting you caught up in, no matter how, in the death of someone. There’s a guy whose buddy shot a guy during a robbery, and because he was the driver, he’s getting the same punishment even though he had no idea the guy would shoot the victim. That’s not just, IMO, and I am in principle a staunch supporter of the death penalty.

  4. Blademonkey said,

    Thing is, the modern Europeans just don’t have what it takes to wrap their tiny little minds around the concept of deterrence by penalty. Some crimes the criminal don’t want to do if the penalty from such outweighs the risk in committing such crimes. Hell, killing somebody will result in your ass being killed is a pretty good deterrent. Serial killers getting a death penalty after a trial should be a given, the fact that they don’t let the relatives of the victims “do the deed” as they see fit is a disappointment in the whole scheme of things.

    They’re gonna have to learn the hard way. BTW, I thought that a “Texan response” to anyone questioning the legitimacy of their sovereignty in governance would be a loud racking of a slide action shotgun chambering a double-ought buckshot shell, or a loud click of a hammer on a Colt SAA being pulled back.

  5. AlanDP said,

    Everyone I know who said anything about this, no matter if they were pro or con, all said the same thing: The EU should just shut up.

    And I agree with MikeT. This guy should not have been executed. All he did was drive the car.

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