Oh, we are undone!

August 13, 2007 at 1:05 pm (The Right, US Government)

Our Overlord, Dread Lord Karl Rove — known with great honor and awe by His many Republican minions as “Darth Lord Rovius”, “The Dark Lord” and “The Dark Lord of the Sith” –, has announced He shall resign at the end of August.

All the peoples of the world have broken out in gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, donning sackcloth and sprinkling of ashes. Our grief is inexpressable.

After leading the American Empire for so long, to whom shall we turn for guidance, leadership, and orders? Who shall dictate our every move? Who will control the weather, unleashing powerful hurricanes against decadent cities and flooding their unused busses (buses?)?

Oh, woe is (are?) us!

And the most pressing concern: shall He reveal His apprentice or keep his identity secret? Only time (and our Dread Lord, The Dark Lord of the Sith) will tell.



  1. dicentra said,

    Who will lead us?

    Why, I’m sure Jimmeh Carter’s got a little free time on his hands, what with the Carter Center having recently lost so many of its members. That is, if he can find time around his one-week-a-year stint with Habitat.

    And if he can recall all his mad Sith skillz from back in the day.

  2. geoff said,

    I was counting on him to call down a plague of frogs.

    I like frogs.

  3. nicedeb said,

    I don’t know, Rove’s Sith -Fu has been weak of late.

    But he had a pretty good run.

    Now he can relax, and enjoy life, instead of constantly plotting and scheming how to poison the air and water, steal lunch money from kids, sandbag poor unsuspecting Democrats, etc.

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