America to Pakistan: No, we’re not invading you.

July 25, 2007 at 3:56 am (India, Military, Pakistan, South Asia, The United States, World War III)

And — sotto voce — we have no desire to ever do so.

Pakistanis, for some reason, suffer from delusions of grandeur, that powers want them, are after them. The usual suspects are America (and like entities such as Freemasons, Zionists, imperialists, Crusaders, Christians, Christian evangelists, Christian fundamentalists, Satan-worshiping sodomizers, et cetera) and Israel (and like entities such as Freemasons, Zionists, imperialists, Jews, and other Muslim-blood-sucking critters – with what else will they make their maztah bread?).

The fact is, if we had our way, we would wholely and utterly divorce ourselves from Pakistan. We want nothing from Pakistan; we want nothing to do with Pakistan. Pakistan, what with its internal instability, idiocy, corruption, hopeless future, and strife, is more a pain than any asset. The very existence of Pakistan moves our spinning blue planet hurtling towards entropy.

We have no desire to lord over, own, control, invade, conquer, or otherwise annex Pakistan. We have never had such a desire, and never will we desire it. Indeed, how quickly we dropped and began to ignore Pakistan after the Soviets were defeated in Afghanistan should demonstrate just how much we desire to have nothing to do with Pakistan.

And India…India doesn’t want Pakistan. Well, some do. For these, the existence of Pakistan — evidence of a division of South Asia based on religion — betrays the grand secularist multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious experiment that the Republic of India was meant to be. Those pesky Pakistanis are ruining the experiment by insisting on basing their national identity on religion rather than geography: the focus should be desha (“land”) not dīn (“religion”). Others don’t want the whole of Pakistan: they just want Kashmir. Some see it as a matter of legitimacy and right; others see it as a matter of securing religious sites (of which there are a few for Hindus, and one of the holiest for Shaiva Hindus). And so on. But Indians, by and large, have no desire for a military or political annexation or control over Pakistan, and this includes India’s government and military. The debate on Kashmir has really become quite ridiculous and irrational and emotional on both sides, more exploited for political and military reasons, so we’ll leave that bogeyman alone.

(Now, Pakistan tends to ignore the insidious intentions of Russia, China, and the Arabs: Pakistanis have no problem letting these people encircle and infiltrate Pakistan, but Heaven forbid Americans take an interest in Pakistan.)

During the Liberation of Iraq, Pakistanis were wont to hysterically exclaim: “Pakistan is next! Pakistan is next!” (My mother’s response to such comments was amusing. She’d say, “God willing!”) Why would The United States want to invade Pakistan next? There were other significant opponents (such as the rest of the Axis of Evil, to which club Pakistan had not been invited or included), why Pakistan over all of them? The only reason must have been that they were delusional. (Or maybe they felt left out.)

And forget Pakistan’s military: The greatest defense Pakistan has is the headache potential conquerors get when they think about how to run Pakistan, what with its thousand and one violently competitive groups.

So, we will never ever invade Pakistan. Now, attacking certain sites in Pakistan: that’s another issue all together. 😉



  1. Wickedpinto said,

    No we don’t intend to invade pakistan, who wants to be in control of such a fucked up nation?

  2. Wickedpinto said,

    Oh, I forget, you are pakistani and indian right mus?

  3. Wickedpinto said,

    Also, pakistans insane religious saber rattling only increases the possibility.

    India has a billion people, a modern millitary (not near equal to the US, but modern by the rest of the worlds, including russia, opinion) and ONE! nuke, will motivate a Horrible bloodbath in the environment, especially if china decides to lend assistance. India doesn’t have the numbers, but they are technologicaly equal to china, if china gets in, the US deoesn’t have to do shit (though they should) because India is not indifferent to diversity in intellectual thought, and the already existing technical advantage that india is developing by being a free market society and courting the US rather than being a threat FORCING trade as china does, will give India a FAR greater advantage than anything that China can field.

    In a subcontinental War, it will be grotesque in loss’s, but as long as India stays with her CURRENT ideals, she will will, if she can hold off for 2 years, China needs to learn how to stand down.

  4. Omar said,

    didn’t barak obama just get on tv today saying he would be willing to authorize hunting expeditions into the mountains at pakistan? the question is all over the news, I don’t know why you dismiss it as pakistani arrogance..

    not to say pakistanis are not arrogant, they often are, but from my own limited experience, pakistanis tend not be nearly as arrogant as the pseudo-intellectual secuarlized pakistani youth who come parading into western liberal arts universities.

  5. geoff said,

    didn’t barak obama just get on tv today saying he would be willing to authorize hunting expeditions into the mountains at pakistan?

    He did, but that’s just an example of Obama’s inadequacy as a potential leader of the US, not an example of a threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty.

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