Regarding The State of Israel’s withdrawal from The Territory of Judea and Samaria

July 22, 2007 at 2:29 am (Arabs, History, Idiots, International community, Israel, Palestinian Territories)

Now, in discussions regarding Israel and its borders, people will have no choice but to bring up a thorny issue: the Territories. This refers to what Israel calls “Judea and Samaria”, what is known more commonly as “The West Bank” (that is, area on and around the west bank of the River Jordan), and what many Muslims and others sympathetic to the Arab claimants thereof call the “Occupied Territories” (that is, the (Arab) territories occupied by Israel as a consequence of the Six Day War in 1967). Some mistakenly may call it “Palestine”. (See note 1 below.) Others use “the Territories” to include the Golan Heights in the north and the Gaza Strip on the west; hereinafter “The Territory” will refer solely to the Territories of Judea and Samaria. Although theories and ideas have been floated to the effect that The State of Israel should or would withdraw from The Territory, in effect an uneasy division has taken place wherein The State of Israel maintains control and hold over Israeli settlements, upon key resources, and upon roads and the like, while the Palestinian National Authority maintains control and hold over Palestinian enclaves, which are necessarily separate from Israeli enclaves (in some cases, physically so). Often, the Israeli enclaves (called “settlements”) are considered a major obstacle in any peace process by which Palestinians are granted exclusive control over The Territory. The existence and spread of these enclaves necessitate The State of Israel to maintain a large amount of oversight and control and influence over the entire Territory. The only solution — so it is said — whereby The State of Israel would be able to fully withdraw and grant sovereignty to the Palestinians over the entire Territory is the dismantling of these enclaves and the total withdrawal of all Israeli entities or interests from The Territory. But this oversimplifies the actual reality of the situation: Israeli enclaves do not constitute the sole reason The State of Israel retains a vested interest in The Territory. There are two other reasons why The State of Israel ought to retain control and influence over The Territory: resources and the anti-Israeli plank of the Palestinian platform.

There are many, many resources found in The Territory that are not found in the rest of The State of Israel. The State of Israel uses these resources — water and arable land as two examples — for the benefit of the rest of The State. Indeed, The State of Israel has been extremely adept at using whatever resources are at its disposal, much better than any other people that have existed until now. (In contrast, the Arabs are predictably incompetent.) The State of Israel needs these resources. Say what one may about The State of Israel’s technological progress and ability, The State of Israel still needs the natural resources that it has. This is one seldom-mentioned reason why The State of Israel has been adamant, most of the time, about retaining control and influence over The Territory. (The reason it is not mentioned is because if attention is drawn to this issue, one will realize that The State of Israel does not share its resources equally with the Arabs. This will bring more condemnation and perhaps even international pressure to modify its policies, but the status quo exists because if The State of Israel shares its resources, there will not be enough for itself nor enough for the Arabs. Furthermore, the Arabs have been known to squander what resources they do have at their disposal, so sharing more will simply be a waste. There is no doubt whatsoever that if the Arabs had as much control as The State of Israel does, they would refuse to share any with The State of Israel. And so the fact The State of Israel shares any of its resources, compared to what the Arabs are wont to do, should shut critics up.)

Furthermore, many in the world operate under the assumption that once the Palestinians attain national sovereignty (that is, the establishment of an independent, sovereign state of Palestine), they will turn away from destroying or attacking Israel. This is an incorrect assumption. We have seen that the Arabs will use political power and authority to oppress their opponents and to attack The State of Israel and its interests. This is because, by and large, the actual goal of the Arabs is not only the establishment of a Palestinian state but the expansion of this state to include all of what is now Israel. In other words, the Arabs’ goal is to destroy The State of Israel. In the mind of the Arabs, “Palestinian” does not include just The Territory (and the Gaza Strip) but, fundamentally, also The State of Israel. So, the establishment of a Palestinian state will be only one step towards the Arabs’ Final Solution.

I mean, all one has to do is look at what the Arabs have already done with what political autonomy they have already been given: when The State of Israel gives them an inch, the Arabs wave their Iran-supplied scimitars to grab a mile. And, regarding the political sovereignty and viability of the so-called Palestinian people: how can the establishment of a Palestinian state advance Palestinian nationhood? The Arabs can do nothing but fight and kill each other. A Palestinian state would have nothing but interminable civil war and unrest; would be nothing but a cesspool of violence and organizing violence. We have seen that almost every Arab state is incapable of governance. Indeed, the Arab areas — the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, The Territories — have improved only under Israeli “occupation”. Under Arab control, these areas regress. But these are entirely separate issues.

In any case, there is more at stake than simply Israeli enclaves when it comes to discussing the future of The Territory and what The State of Israel ought to do regarding it. The role of resources and of the Arabs’ actual desires should not be ignored. Indeed, ignoring them could make any moves towards peace utterly futile if not suicidal.

NOTE 1: Now, although there never was a political or ethnic entity such as Palestine, the fact is that a separate ethnicity has been forged, mainly by Arab propaganda, and as such there now exists a separate “Palestinian” people, whose history cannot be said to exist before 1948. It is an artificial ethnicity, but it now exists. *shrug* The responsibility for this fact rests upon the shoulders of the Arabs.


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