Farfour and Nahoul: demonstrations of various points

July 16, 2007 at 3:03 am (Idiots, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Turkish)

The whole deal with Farfour the Mickey Mouse look-alike and now Nahoul the Bee (Türkçe’de: Farfur Sıçanı ve Nahul Bal Arısı) may demonstrate some reasons why I have little pity or compassion for many Palestinians.

Such hatred — being taught to children, no less! — is simply unacceptable and is quite vile.

Such characters — or, rather, the tendency to use such characters to teach hatred to Arab children — also demonstrate some reasons why there will never be peace in that region: every generation is raised to hate (for example: the Arabs) or fear (for example: the Israelis).

If there is any vicious cycle, here it is. And the fault lies squarely on the Arabs: if they did not teach so much hatred, they would be able to co-exist with the Israelis.

So don’t shove that “co-exist” dreck down my throat: convince the spontaneously explosive Arabs first.



  1. Wickedpinto said,

    Such hatred — being taught to children, no less! — is simply unacceptable and is quite vile.

    Is it rare?

    I believe I saw a jihad watch video that dated to the 30’s.

    I just read a book that basicaly had the same standpoint (the dahak series) only the ones who allowed their children to fight were the good guys, but not by killing innocents, but rather by serving honestly, and by fighting an enemy, rather than a people.

    Exactly how NEW? is it for the islamist assfucks to use children as guided stealth bombs? Really?

    I KNOW! that there is the lie of the vietnamese to proliferate that said same thing, based on lefty propoganda (“Siege on Firebase Gloria”) It happened, but Not much, and it wasn’t THEIR children, it was other peoples children.

    I don’t know, I hate those people and I hate these people.

    Am I a warmonger for not caring one bit, if an entire village based on support from terrorists be laid to wast?

    It might be “TOO” cold, but I don’t think it’s so cold that it’s wrong.

    PUNISH! HARM and DEVESTATE them until they learn “you know? this whole jihadi thing ain’t working out for us.”

    If they chose the slaughter of innocents as their path, then, SLAUGHTER them again, until they get the story.

    It’s horrible and it terrifies me to even think it, just as it did every person who took part in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but in the end? The horrible choice today is the humane choice for tomorrow.

  2. Purple Avenger said,

    The horrible choice today is the humane choice for tomorrow.

    Indeed. The Israelis hold back too much. If the palis want to use kids as battle props, then you must fight as if the kids aren’t there — it is the only truly “moral” thing to do in the long run. Yes, this goes against conventional western wisdom, and pains our established values, but it is indeed THE WAY to avoid the use of children in the future. The only reason the palis use them is because the palis KNOW their presence alters the response.

    Black 5 wrote on this concept a while ago. I found the logic is compelling.

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