The Third World and its proliferation amongst us

July 2, 2007 at 3:55 am (Culture, Oriana Fallaci, Personal, The Rest, The West)

The prophetess of The West, Oriana Fallaci (of most blessed and revered memory), made a big deal about the population-based invasion and projected conquest of Third World peoples in the First World.

I have lived among Third World peoples. I am ethnically part of Third World peoples. In the logic of The West’s progressives and so-called liberals, this entitles me to announce with impunity that I have nothing but pity for Third World peoples. And this when I am not contemptuous.

It does not please me how some of these peoples have migrated en masse to The West and have sought, in their rejection of the land to which they have migrated, to recreate their Third World hellholes. Their Third World ways and societies are why they needed to migrate; their proliferation of their ways and societies makes no sense; their proliferation of Third World ways and societies in The West, and often at the expense of The West, is unacceptable.

Those immigrants have succeeded who have assimilated with the people to whose land they have migrated. Especially in America, we value hard-working and devoted people. We can look past a person’s origin and religion and ethnicity and values and even ways of life.

Have we come to the point that we have to consider who among us should remain, who should be forced to assimilate, and who should be asked to leave? It is ridiculous for anyone to assert that we have an obligation to let anyone and everyone live among us. Those who threaten us, our ways, and our future have no right to remain among us. Indeed, we have an obligation to expel such elements. Let them spread their destruction elsewhere.

I reject the notion that we are so tolerant and permissive to embrace misfits. We aren’t, and we don’t. I submit we are a proud, arrogant, and intolerant people. Like all peoples. Except we don’t waste our indignation on the others: instead, we ignore them. This ignoring is taken for ignorance (in the sense of not being aware) or permissiveness. No. We just want to waste our time wrangling with idiots. We’re too busy working, raising families, worshiping God, and advancing humanity. But at some point we will have to confront the idiots.

At the front of this upcoming battle are those like me, people from the Third World who have thoroughly embraced the First World. The Third World leads to misery and failure. This is obvious and evident. It will be my duty to teach those of my ethnicity, in their language and in words they can understand, why they too must abandon the Third World and embrace the First World, or why they must leave the First World if they cannot embrace it. And then I must take my place among the authorities to expel and help expel those trouble-making misfits who contribute nothing but trouble.

Because at some point, we will have to stop ignoring the idiots and get rid of them before they hurt someone.

A person’s civilizational allegiances have nothing to do with ethnicity or religion, so neither can be used as an excuse for not embracing the First World. Embrace the First World or get out of it, I say.

The division of the world into three Worlds is somewhat interesting. The First World is/was the capitalist world. The Second World was the communist world (particularly under the sway of the Soviet Union) and its allies. The Third World belonged to neither. With the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union, the Second World is no more; or, rather, it is in transition. Some states are slipping into the Third World while others are rising to the First World – as far as states’ comparative standards are concerned. People of the Third World are wont to complain that their failings are because of the First World, whether because of “unfair” economic policies (Heaven forbid people have to actually work and improve their lot rather than having prosperity dropped in their laps by Uncle Sam) or because of past imperialistic hegemony by First World states (Heaven forbid people have to actually pull themselves together and solve their problems — regardless of the origins thereof — by themselves). It is such nonsense up with which we should not put.


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  1. Paul Sunstone said,

    I think it’s obvious the United States has been more successful in assimilating peoples than has Europe — or for that matter, most of the rest of the world. But why is that? What does the US do that other places don’t?

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