A fallacy: we are tolerant

July 2, 2007 at 3:56 am (Culture, The West)

I believe a fallacy exists among the peoples of the world that Westerners are tolerant and permissive peoples. This is not true. We are quite a proud and intolerant people; so much so that rather than waste our indignation on others, we ignore them. Sure, we have our fringe elements that call the others out, but for the most part we are wont to ignore the others.

The progressives and so-called “liberals” do not represent The West’s people.

To the others who are malevolently disposed to us: Push us far enough — make us have to take notice of you — and we will utterly destroy you like we did the Japanese. Our hearts can harden enough that we will not shed a tear for your suffering.

I submit that the great sleeping giant has not awoken. The stinging bites of the Islamist insects have made the giant instinctively jerk and swat, but it has yet to awake.

If history has taught the world a lesson, it is that in the end The West is invincible.



  1. Roberto said,

    This reflects something I have been saying for some time. Islam should remember that within the last 100 years Europe alone has set about slaughtering millions of non Christians and if pushed far enough another “Hitler” could easily arise. Push us in Europe too far and I fear Muslims will go the way of the millions of Jews!

  2. Paul Sunstone said,

    “If history has taught the world a lesson, it is that in the end The West is invincible.”

    I’m not sure history teaches such a lesson. The West has prevailed in the past for a variety of reasons, but history does not guarantee the same conditions will exist in the future as have existed in the past. So, while I’m optimistic the West will eventually prevail in the current conflict, I do not think history has ordained the West shall prevail.

    Other than that, I agree with you that the West has not really mobilized to fight yet.

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