June 30, 2007 at 8:28 pm (Islam, Islamism, The United Kingdom, The United States, World War III)

Although I pretend to be wise about the subject, it still mystifies me, as it does so many, why and how terrorists plot so devotedly against Little Satans (such as Britain, Israel, Spain, Italy, Australia) but do not — or so it seems — do the same against the Great Satan (The United States).

Terrorists attacked the London Underground (twice, actually); they tried to launch a massive airplane-exploding venture from London (albeit on American planes headed to America); and now they tried to attack with car bombs. None of this has happened here. There has been little to no evidence that the plotting and planning has been as extensive or has proceeded as far as the case has been in Britain.

While it is true that Britain’s Muslims are more staunch, less integrated, and more militant and intolerant than America’s Muslims, I don’t know if this explains why terrorists, who struck such a mighty blow once against us, are comparatively inactive. Or have we finally struck fear in their hearts, what with having “invaded” Afghanistan and Iraq?

I don’t know. I remain confused.


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