American sovereignty vis-à-vis other countries’ sovereignty

May 19, 2007 at 1:47 pm (International community, Leftist idiocy, The Left, The United States, US Government)

Strange is it not that it seems that according to Leftists and other countries, every country is sovereign except for The United States. Leftists and other countries are constantly demanding that we not exercise exclusive control over issues pertaining to our sovereignty (examples of which are controling our borders, laws and policies concerning non-citizens, laws and policies concerning immigration, laws and policies concerning domestic threats to national security).

When it comes to American policy regarding other countries, national sovereignty is touted as a fundamental and even sacred right unto each country, the violation of which, to any degree, would be an abomination (and this extends to any criticism America may have concerning other countries and their policies); when it comes to American policies regarding its own issues, our national sovereignty becomes a hiss and a byword.

When America wants to comment or act regarding another state’s actions or policies, the world demands that America mind its own business. But then America’s business is held to be everyone’s business except America’s.

Strange this.


  1. Wickedpinto said,

    The leftist mindset, is that we, the western nation of the United States of America, are a nation of the mind, we exist in our all inclusive, and superior ideology, and that is all we need.

    It’s odd, that the most imperial of all concepts is so self destructively passive in it’s security.

  2. Purple Avenger said,

    I suggest a policy of “policy reciprocity”. IOW, if we have some policy and another country’s is more restrictive, then we adopt the policy of that nation towards its citizens within our borders.

    Ex. if some country has a policy of summary deportation for non-citizens who bitch and moan about their internal politics, then we should implement summary deportation for them here if their citizens bitch and moan about internal US politics.

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