The Media and Truth

April 19, 2007 at 12:27 am (Blogs, Fox News, Personal, The Internet, The Media, Websites)

Knowing truth or reality is difficult. Part of this difficulty is that one cannot do it alone. One does not have access to all the information one may need in order to be sufficiently aware about an issue or thing. We, thus, depend on experts to explain things to us, on information-gatherers to inform us of what is happening and, often, why.

Regarding the latter, and this involves the former to some degree as well, we depend on what are know as journalists or reporters. Our contact with them is through the media: newspapers, news programs on televisions, news reports on the radio, news networks spread around the globe, websites with reporters or experts, books, magazines, and so on and so forth.

What makes the search for truth and reality even more difficult is that paradigms and, often enough, various agendas get in the way of honest, plain, and unbiased explications. In effect, everything we learn is through some discriminating filter.

This filter is, however, important as it allows one to determine what facts and aspects to retain and which to discard. To provide excruciating minutiæ on every aspect of an issue would defeat the purpose of informing the people. Too much information can be as bad as too little information.

Furthermore, it is part of our human design that we use these filters, paradigms, biases, et cetera, to make sense of information, to provide a framework within which to fit all information.

We would, accordingly, be quite foolish to assume or to assert that any media and its apparatus is unbiased or absolutely accurate. This is actually impossible. We would, in fact, utterly reject any attempt of information being provided to us without bias. It violates the way we humans work and operate.

We need to embrace this fact and to implement it. We need to recognize the biases of various media networks and decide — and lucky and wise is the person who consciously decides which bias to go along with! — which media network best serves one’s biases and paradigms and thereafter patronize it insofar as it may be advisable. And in doing so, we must keep in mind that no one has a monopoly on the truth, and that everyone suppresses certain aspects of an issue while emphasizing other aspects.

Other media networks are still useful because they help us to understand the biases and paradigms and values of other peoples, as right or wrong they may be.

I, for one, support rightist media networks — Fox News in The United States, Sky News in The United Kingdom — because they tend to be more pragmatic and realist, and because they tend to support or validate what I value. (For example, both media networks are pro-West, and they will unabashedly discuss Islamism as such, without mincing words or engaging in PC-speak.)

In this way, let us remove from our midst the heresy that journalism or news networks have integrity or honor or objectivity. They are, like the rest of us, partisan hacks.


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