A rant on professional anti-Americanism

April 10, 2007 at 2:45 am (History, Leftist idiocy, The Rest, The United States)

A lot of people, especially as part of their profession, seem to be far more vested in anti-Americanism than pro-Americanism, even to the point that good old American jingoism seems to be as bad as, if not worse than, anti-Semitism or racism. Indeed, from their description, American jingoists seem to be nothing but a rabble of uneducated, ignorant, racist, violent, and underemployed or unemployed white men.

Why is being pro-American such a shameful thing? Why is justifying and believing in America such a bad thing? Why can we not secure our interests and security like every other country?

And the double standard is quite blatant and clear. Other countries are allowed to get away with things that we would never even contemplate, while our comparatively restrained and benevolent acts are taken to be like those of a blood-thirsty tyrant.

Example: did you know that the Syrian military regime has wiped out entire villages because they were deemed to be a threat to the regime? Yes. Syria’s military regime is guilty of mass slaughter, and it knows it. And this is setting aside its execution of political rivals.

Did you know that Syria is directly and indirectly responsible for hundreds of deaths outside its borders through its direct and indirect support for terrorist and militant groups?

Now. Where have the academics been to condemn Syria and its military regime?

What about Turkey and its oppression of the Kurds?

What about China and its oppression of various peoples such as real Christians, Falun Gong, and activists?

What about the still ongoing oppression and persecution against the Gypsies throughout Europe, which has been happening for centuries?

What about rights for women in those many countries where women effectively have no rights or dignity or value?

So, while these untouchable states have been oppressing and slaughtering and killing and imprisoning and disappearing people with impunity, the world’s justice-minded people are busy excoriating America.

I think Jesus had an interesting way of describing such people: “Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel” (Matthew 23:24).

So, I don’t care what these high-falutin’ academics or experts have to say. Although we are far from perfect, compared to other countries The United States are practically Heaven on earth. I will be pro-American, and will continue to advocate for our interests and security. There is nothing wrong with this, and those who see this as wrong are messed up to begin with. Let us stop hating ourselves and begin helping our Republic, for its glory, victory, and success will only be good for the rest of the world. (Because, as the aforementioned academics would ignore, let alone refuse to mention, is that American prosperity increases the prosperity of othe countries because we’re just crazy that way, whereas other countries try to keep their prosperity within their borders.)



  1. Purple Avenger said,

    Success is always the best revenge against the idiots. They can’t stand the fact that their retarded ideologies produce failure after failure.

  2. Nice Deb said,

    Do you ever get the feeling that some of these aforementioned academics are malevolent commies bent on the destruction of western civilization as we know it?

    I do.

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