A lament

April 10, 2007 at 1:03 am (History, Leftist idiocy, The Left, The United States, US Government)

I am quite dismayed.

I see around me nothing but examples of stupidity and idiocy. And while conservatives and neo-conservatives are being lashed from every angle, liberals are able to get away with everything without a question or peep.

Just as the evil and vile Romans lashed and mutilated our Lord Jesus Christ, and then nailed Him to a cross, in like manner men of sound thinking and clear minds are being lashed, and their opponents are attempting to crucify them in the public’s mind. They shout: “Crucify them! Crucify them!” and they mislead the people with their lies and hypocrisy and networks of wealth. They raise a hue and cry of wars and rumors of wars, seeking to sheathe the sword of righteousness while the swords and arrows and chariots and steeds of evil men and corrupt kings and vile, corrupt networks strike like venomous vipers secure in their dens. And everywhere men of good will are losing hope and strength, surrendering to evil when tried rather than challenging it and making evil cower before them.

Who will respect the people of good? Who will honor righteousness? We who speak forth in truth and wisdom are called vile men and liars. The people do not listen to us because our words are hard and harsh and sharp. They are not like the honey-dipped poisonous apples of the wicked. Our words do not lull our audience into a sleep amidst paradisaical visions and thoughts, only for them to wake up and find themselves in the midst of a fiery, thundering conflagration.


Beware the wolves and demons in asses’ skins. When elephants know what to do but are being cast out of government, a government of fools and of folly will lead this people onto the path of destruction. Woe be unto us on that day! Let us endeavor to ensure we do not bring this destruction upon our heads.

No compromise with evil, even within our borders.



  1. blackflag said,

    Same as it ever was.

    Don’t be dismayed Muslihuun, be instead determined yo stay the course.

  2. Jauhara al kafirah said,

    I love your posts, Muslihoun. They are so refreshing in their perspectives. Don’t be discouraged about the world and its hatreds. Hate is the poison which eats away the container holding it…always.

  3. nick said,

    Great Post. We need to be heard now more than ever!

  4. Paul said,

    Sometimes it is darkest before the dawn. Persevere – go on !

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